Bacon-love can be a very male-dominated pursuit. Men tend to get a little crazy when they smell bacon, and their crazed shouts of delight can drown out the sounds that any women in the room might be making. The thing is, though, is that the ladies love bacon just as much as the guys do – or perhaps even more so. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to spread a little link love to female bacon bloggers every once and awhile. And we have a perfect choice today: Theories of Bacon.

A Repository for Bacon-Related Wisdom

Theories of Bacon is run by the anonymous Culture Vulture. She lives in Chicago and runs several other blogs, including Culture Vulture and Leave Room for Delight. In terms of the bacon blogosphere, she’s part of the Second Wave (yeah, I just made that term up): she began her blog way back in 2008. (Remember 2008? No? I don’t really either.) She started the blog because she was “kind of known for being a person who is ‘into’ bacon. … I’ve struggled with it for awhile, but as I was cooking dinner tonight, I realized that, you know, I DO like bacon.” As a result, she decided to start a blog that would be “a repository for all the bacon-related wisdom I have accrued. Recipes, schwag, folklore, analysis, who knows.” Since then, she has kept up her side of the bargain, and we have all become the richer.

As the Culture Vulture says, her blog features a mix of things. There are some bacon-related news items, but usually, her focus is on cooking. Culture Vulture loves to cook, and she shares her many bacon-related recipes on the blog with us. I’ve provided a couple of my favourites here.


It sounds like something you do to a crying child, but this is actually a sort of stewy-soupy mix of sausages and bacon. It’s a little complicated to summarize, and it involves that mysterious “blanching” bacon-cooking technique I keep hearing about, so I’ll let you just read it for yourself. Needless to say, it turns into a mush of what sounds like unimagineable deliciousness.

Asparagus with Bacon Vinaigrette

Je ne regretted bacon vinaigrettes! If there’s one acceptable way to eat vegetables, it is by dousing their sheer vegetableness with bacon grease. Culture Vulture’s recipe is as ingenious as it is simple. Take some bacon, chop it up and cook it in a frying pan. When that’s done, pour off the grease onto your asparagus and roast the whole thing in the oven. With the bacon, add some shallots and olive oil, cook them again, and after a minute, add salt, pepper, vinegar and water. When the asparagus is done, swirl it around in the vinaigrette sauce. I see no possible way that this wouldn’t be delicious. As CV says, “This was quite possibly the most fantastic dinner I have ever made for myself.”

What do you think of Theories of Bacon? Are there any blogs out there that you think we should be covering?