It’s been a couple of months since we last delved into the wacky and delicious world of bacon tattoos. You can see some of our previous posts on the topic here and here. So today, why don’t I take you on yet another bacon-tattoo search. Let me pull open the gates that lead to a land of strange beauty and bacon-enthusiasm and, occasionally, shaky tattoo draughtsmanship. Watch your step, and please, whatever you do, don’t get any ideas. The tattoos follow after the jump.

Bacon Heart

Image Provided by CoEd Magazine

Most bacon tattoos are on men. I haven’t done a scientific survey or anything – I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that men probably have more bacon tattoos than women. But this tattoo looks different. It looks like it is on a woman. It’s probably the dusting of stars around the heart. And oh yeah, the GIANT HEART. I’ve also noticed that this person has *not* had an actual picture of a piece of bacon tattooed on her/his arm. What, was tattooing a slab of bacon on her arm too much? As opposed to tattooing a bacon heart? I’m disappointed. You know, if you are going to get a bacon tattoo: go big or go home.

Bacon Collarbone Tattoos

Image Provided by headofrothchild

Like this man! Reed Rothschild has just recently gotten tattoos of strips of bacon on his chest. I’m all for photo-realistic bacon tattoos – heck, the more it looks like the real thing, the better I like it! And the upper chest seems to be the new hot spot for tattoos. I guess it’s for those summer days when you are wearing an open-necked shirt. Your new bacon tattoo can casually peek out of the edges and say something like, “Hello! I’m bacon! And I’m delicious! Perhaps you should be offering Mr Rothschild some?”

Bacon Black Flag

This tattoo probably needs a teensy bit of explanation. There was a punk rock band from the 80s known as Black Flag, and they used four black bars as their “flag.” I’m guessing that this tattoo represents a merging of two loves: bacon and Black Flag. The only problem I see with the whole thing is that the bacon is too black to look like bacon, and the flag is too crooked to look like Black Flag. File this under A Better Idea In My Head.

Friendly Bacon Man

Image Provided by CoEd Magazine

Hello! I’m Mr Friendly Bacon! I’m just sorta hanging out on this guy here! Pardon? What’s that you say? Why am I hanging out on this guy? Well, I don’t really know! It just sort of happened! I guess everybody’s gotta be somewhere! And here I am! And I’m totally super duper happy! Why don’t you eat me!

What do you think of these bacon tattoos? Have you been inspired to tattoo your bacon love across your heart (or arm)? If you do, please let us see the fruit (or bacon) of your labours. Bacon tattoos may not be hot commodities here at the Republic of Bacon flophouse, but we always love to appreciate new ones.