Well, we all know about the bacon burger – a burger topped with several slices of delicious bacon. But what about a burger that is made out of bacon? This is news that I was unprepared for, and frankly, it’s driving me a little bit crazy. But I was innocently scouring the Internet for bacon-news and I found this redditer talking about it. I just knew I had to pass along this crazy news to youze guys. All of the deliciously insane details follow after the jump.

Amping Up the Awesomeness of Burgers

Bacon burgers, despite their novelty to me, are a not very complicated idea. After all, vegetarians have been substituting vegetables for beef for many years (shudder!). SO why not go the other way and make rather than make beef burgers less awesome, make them more awesome with bacon?

This redditer provides a helpful step-by-step approach to making the bacon patties. The first step is pretty obvious: you take your favourite bacon (ours is Maple Leaf’s). Generally, you’ll want to use about four slices of bacon per bacon patty. Then, depending on what type of bacon you are using, you might want to cut off any of the excess fat. The fat can go a bit crazy during the cooking process, so you might want to consider doing this or using a leaner cut of bacon.

After that, you chop up the pieces of bacon as much as you can. Put the slices in the freezer for about twenty minutes to make them a little more pliant. This is followed by putting the pieces into a grinder or a blender, and making the pieces even finer. When the pieces are all ground to a fine, manageable size, you form the patties. It’s probably a good idea to put on rubber gloves at this point – bacon can be very greasy, and that means your hands will become very greasy as well. I know, I know, grease is good, but it can be a pain to get off your hands. Try to form the pieces into a patty-like shape.

When this is done, fry the patties in a skillet. Keep the temperature as low as possible. As I said, due to the concentrated bacon fat, the thing may start shooting grease off at you if you cook it too high. When you are finished cooking it to the consistency you like, serve the patty on a bun, or as this redditer did, on its own with a breakfast. Although you might be tempted to do so, don’t put any bacon on it. The patty will be pretty salty as it is, and you should probably try to balance it out with some a bit sweeter (like ketchup!).

If that recipe doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty more floating around the Internet. Guy Fieri offers a bacon burger recipe that includes both bacon patties and beef patties! And you can always mix up the bacon patty composition by adding some beef to it. These things are as flexible and laid back as a delicious bacon burger patty.

What do you think of the recipe? Are you planning on trying it at home?