When we think of surf and turf, it’s normally steak with a couple of a shrimp. You know, no big whoop. But there’s plenty of other things that walk on the land aside from steak – and bacon is one of the more delicious things! Today, we honour bacon’s incredible ability to turf it up when it’s matching itself with all kinds of surf. The full list of our all-time favourite match-ups follows after the jump.

Before we begin, there’s one thing we should note: one of the best reasons why you’d want to enjoy bacon-wrapped sea-anything is because it’s so easy. As I’ve said a bunch of times, I am a teensy bit of a moron when it comes to using my kitchen to its full potential. That’s why it’s nice to know I can fake my way to something half decent by just wrapping some sea creatures in bacon.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Image by CopyKat Recipes

The king of bacon-wrapped anything. We’ve already covered it, so you can find the full details here. The one thing I want you to remember is that your scallops are done when they turn opaque. And, oh yeah, that this app is off the hook, yo. (I promise to never use those words again.)

Don’t forget CopyKat Recipes has some great bacon scallop recipes.

Bacon-wrapped shrimps

Image Provided by nirbhao

A close second to the eternally delicious bacon-wrapped scallops is the eternally delicious bacon-wrapped shrimps. Rachel Ray provides an easy recipe. Basically, after de-veining the shrimpies, you wrap some bacon “snugly” around them. Then lay them out onto a broiling pan and bake for about 12 minutes and 425 F degrees. They’ll be curled up and delicious. Serve to your thankful guests! And then thank me for being such a wonderful person.

Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Image Provided by Muy Yum

Okay, they aren’t really seafood, but they do come from water. Like most Chinese cuisine, these delicacies really work well with the saltiness of bacon. You can further prepare the water chestnuts by marinating them in soy and sugar, as per this recipe. Then you can wrap them in bacon and broil them for 20-25 minutes. Crunchy and delicious delights await you! Don’t water chestnuts almost look like bacon wrapped scallops?

Bacon-Wrapped Crab Puffs

Sure, who has real crab lying around? However, you can probably put your hands on some of that imitation crab stuff. If you can, just put them in lumps of 2 ½ inches or so, as per this recipe. Wrap the bacon (as you’d guess!) around the lumps. Broil that stuff like there is no tomorrow (or, erm, for 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees).

Bacon-Wrapped Lobster

Image Provided by BBQ Bug

If you are going to do bacon-wrapped seafood, you have to do some bacon-wrapped lobster at some point. Like this guy did. He doesn’t really provide very clear directions, and I’m not going to hazard any guesses about how to do it beyond: put it on a BBQ! I should note that the food does look effin’ delicious. I recommend just staring at it for a while. And maybe offering up a few mute prayers to whatever heavenly power is responsible for bacon’s deliciousness.