Bacon blogging can be a thankless job. You spend your days bringing bacon-y goodness to the world, and many people just take you for granted. (Sob!) While we don’t plan to go anywhere, many of our brave bacon-loving compatriots have given up on their bacon dreams in the last few years. We’ve seen the remains of their once cared for websites lying unloved on the Interwebs.

Today, we feature three of our favourite unloved bacon websites, and urge them to come back. We want more bacon!

Bacon Haikus

The ancient Japanese poetry form of haiku is meant to inspire contemplation in the reader. When reading a haiku, you are invited to fasten onto a moment so that you can more deeply understand it. Since bacon is such a fascinating subject, it is no surprise that a whole haiku blog could have featured bacon haikus as a theme. Bacon Haiku was that site, and up until July 2009, it was publishing regularly. Come back, Bacon Haiku!

To tide us over until they return, here are some of my favourite bacon haikus:

Girls that eat bacon

Are hotter than girls that don’t

Scientific fact!

Nothing says summer

Like munching sunflower seeds.

Better with Bacon

Promoting his show

Denis Leary makes strong claim:

“Bacon Rescued Me”

The Holy Church of Bacon

Bacon is a pretty powerful substance. It inspires a strong devotion in the people who like it. Many of them would do anything for bacon. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that bacon was the centre of some people’s spiritual life.

Well, apparently, it used to. Up until a few years ago, the Holy Church of Bacon served as the gathering place for everyone who found bacon to be a spiritual force in their lives. As the Bacon Encyclopedia explains, “The Holy Church of Bacon doth not judge nor discriminate. Anyone who doth seekith the bacon-y truth may join in this, the Holy Quest of Baconage. The Holy Book of Bacon, or the Bacon Bible, is the holiest of bacon texts and serves as a personal guide to Baconlightenment (Baconirvana). This sacred scripture includes the most important works in Baconic history.

The important thing was that to be a part of the church, you have to “worship and revere this blessed food as the way, the truth, and the life.” I think I’m already on the road to Baconlightenment! I just wish there was someone – like the Holy Church of Bacon – to share it with me!

Bacon Photo of the Week

This blog was, as its name suggests, just photos of bacon that were published every week. Like all good ideas, it was simple but powerful. It stopped in 2009, but it has been greatly missed since then. After all, sometimes you just need a photo or two of bacon being drenched in white chocolate. Or of bacon muffins with pieces of cooked bacon jutting out of them. And what could stop you drooling over some bacon drenched in buffalo wing sauce?

What do you think of these MIA bacon blogs? Are there any other bacon blogs that you wish could return from the dead?