Getting through the work day can be hard. First, you might run out of coffee filters and have to do that filter thing with the paper towel. Then you might miss the last bus or train, and arrive twenty minutes late with dozens of emails waiting in your Inbox. That’s why, on days like that, you might need something a little extra to put some fire under your belly. Imagine, for instance, that you could look up at your office cubicle, and see a picture of bacon? Wouldn’t that help you get all of the energy you need? That’s why, just for you, I have searched the Internet and found some of the best bacon-flavoured motivational posters out there.

Diet Coke with Bacon

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Well, I can certainly agree with the sentiment of this poster. Sure, the idea of Diet Coke with bacon may not sound appealing to anyone in their right mind. But we know, as a proven scientific fact, that bacon makes everything better. So although I’m still wondering why bacon couldn’t have been paired with just regular Coke, I’m going to argue that it has to be a good idea.

Bacon Grenade

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I don’t really know why you’d need a bacon grenade – unless you are maybe fighting some feisty vegetarians – but I like the idea of it. Could you throw it into a dining room that is filled with some boring food, and make the food delicious by spreading bacon everywhere? Like, maybe you are stuck at some dull-as-dishwater workplace buffet. A bacon grenade might be just the trick to stop your suffering. The bonus after-effects might include maximum party startage.

Bacon-Wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge

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As we get older, we lose the ability to see the magic in everyday life. When we were kids, everything seemed wondrous. You could get excited about playing with a few sheets and making a “fort.” As we get older, we have to get focused on jobs and work. We lose the ability to discover the joys of creating beauty out of unexpected things. That is, except when we are cooking with bacon. Cooking with bacon brings out the child in all of us, and gets us to play again. Like, when we make Stonehenge out of Twinkies and bacon. Sure, no self-respecting adult would think this up, but that’s why someone should be thinking this stuff up, isn’t it?

Bacon and Sandwiches

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There are sandwiches that do not have bacon in them. They are the poor, unloved sandwiches of the bacon world. They are the bastard children who get no love and respect. But there’s one easy way we can right this great wrong of bastard children sandwiches: bacon. Also, by liberally applying bacon to any sandwich, we can turn a sandwich crime (say something vegetable and alfalfa-related) into a sandwich masterpiece. Some sandwiches need more bacon than others to counteract their boringness. This one clearly started out with a lump of spinach.

What do you think of the motivational posters? Do you have any motivations that you need to address? What’s your favourite bacon-related meal when you need some motivation?