It’s Friday, so we have yet another instalment of Friday Link Love for you. Today, to bacon things up a bit (I’m totally going to turn that into an expression), we are featuring a site that is not quite a bacon blog. But it’s definitely obsessed with bacon. is an aggregator of hot trending topics, posted by a collection of obsessive Internet nerds. As these nerds are crazy for everything popular on the Internet, they are, of course, obsessed with bacon. They have even created a sub-reddit (sub-group) on their site that is completely devoted to bacon: The full crispy and chewy details of this group follow after the jump.

Reddit is Only for the Strong

Redditers are a strange group. They are like a nicer form of 4chan: they like playing practical jokes, starting memes and posting links to crazy things before anyone else. They are responsible for giving the world The Summoning of Inglip. (It’s probably better if you don’t know what that is.) They are obsessed with narwhals for some reason. They are just generally weird and bizarre people.

Being human beings (for the most part), one of the biggest things they are obsessed with is bacon. In the /r/bacon sub-reddit, they describe that this forum is the “sub-reddit for Bacon. This could be the most important sub-reddit, ever.” In the forum, folks post pictures of their bacon-related meals, talk about the latest bacon news, and generally try to crack one another up with bacon jokes.

Bacon Sub-Reddits

Lately, a lot of their posts have been about bacon chocolate and bacon booze. For instance, there’s this pic of chocolate-covered bacon on some sticks, and with sprinkles. Or this one, with just regular chocolate-covered bacon. And some dude decided to do something nice for his girl by making bacon-wrapped fruit and drizzling everything with chocolate. Awwww! How sweet. And there’s a lot of alcoholic bacon. There’s bacon Bloody Mary’s here (they are American, so they don’t know about Caesars). And there’s this? I’m guessing it’s a bacon White Russian?

But, of course, they are most obsessed with the weird and wonderful. For instance, DJ Reed Rothschild – one of the bacon tattoo dudes who we discussed in our bacon tattoo post – frequently posts bacon-related stories to reddit. Recently, he has gotten into a bacon-and-exercise diet. And there’s always the girlfriend who crochets her boyfriend a bacon scarf.

So, if you are bacon fanatic, I suggest you pop on by. Sure, they don’t always have a filter on their content – you’ll find some posts that may not always be to your taste – and there’s a lot of repeat posts. But for sheer baconosity, this sub-reddit does this trick. And while you’re there, don’t forget about your ol’ pals at the Republic of Bacon. It’d be nice if we got some recognition for the hard, back-breaking bacon work we do.

Are there any bacon blogs that you’d love to see covered on Friday Link Love? Let us know!