I have traversed the Internet from end-to-end and I have found you some of the most wondrous and beaut – okay, I’ll the cut the blather. Basically, I’ve got a bunch of breakfast recipes that feature bacon for you. Are you happy? You better, because they are supremely awesome.

1. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Image Provided by theenglishkitchen.blogspot.com

This is basically like a homemade version of an Egg Muffin. The simplicity of preparation and the out-of-focus photos are really making me crave this one. Where’s my cooking rings?

2. Bacon Butterscotch Breakfast Muffins

Image Provided by cafescrapper-scrapsoflife.blogspot.com

Have you noticed that muffins lately are starting to seem like little cakes? I don’t know how sneaking the word “breakfast” in its name will really make a butterscotch muffin a breakfast food. But no matter. It’s got bacon, and that’s all I care about. Gimme my breakfast bacon muffin, stat!

3. Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits with Bacon and Egg

Image Provided by stircrazyblog.com

The photos on the site don’t really do it justice, but this is like a more rusticated version of the Egg McMuffin recipe above. The key change is that this one includes some delicious cheddar muffins. Cheese and bacon: together again!

4. Bacon and Eggs in a Pie

Image Provided by annesoceanfront.wordpress.com

A sincerely bizarre dish. It is, as it says, bacon and eggs baked into a pie. A little too high concept for some people, but sometimes you need a little craziness in the morning. Craziness wakes you up! However, as there is pie baking involved, this is probably not something you want to do on your way out the door to work.

5. Bacon and Eggs in a Bowl

Image Provided by zestycook.com

Continuing on the bacon-and-eggs-in-various-things theme, we encounter bacon and eggs in a bowl. This one has little pieces of hash browns and peas baked in. Yum.

6. Breakfast Pancake

Image Provided by savorysweetlife.com

This is insane, but in the exact right perfect way. Pancakes are stacked on top of one another, with various foods stuffed in between them, including bacon. I’m guessing you drizzle syrup all over the top. Whatever you do, you have a delicious breakfast on your hands. You’ll need two for this one.

7. Bacon and Chedder Biscuits

Image Provided by theshoeboxkitchen.wordpress.com

These babies don’t have any bacon or cheddar in their middles like a sandwich. THEY ARE BACON AND EGG BISCUITS. When they are done, the look kind like those biscuits you get at Red Lobster that you want to eat fifteen of, but with bacon? Yeah, like that.

8. Bacon and Egg Cups

Image Provided by thriftyandchicmom.com

Tee hee! Tee hee! Yeah. There pretty ain’t much more you can say about these guys. Adorbz.

9. Bacon-Topped Shrimp and Grits

Image Provided by abloggablelife.typepad.com

For a more Southern-inspired breakfast, why not throw some shrimp and grits into the mix? For those of us who might be a little like what-are-grits?, they suggest putting the bacon and shrimps on top of some rice.

10. Bacon Breakfast Pizza

Image Provided by Emilybites.com

When I eat pizza in the morning it’s because it’s left over from the night before. And I usually feel guilty about that. But apparently I’m allowed to eat pizza in the morning – as long as I make it myself. Genius! These people need more money to fund their brilliant developments.