Sometimes we don’t always have bacon within reach. These moments are times of genuine terror for us. We have to find bacon, or face the drudgery of a bacon-less experience. When these moments hit, we need to find bacon fast. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for some signs of bacon. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get the most useful signs of bacon – we get ones that make us laugh. Today, we’re going to go through the funniest bacon signs. The laffs follow after the jump.

1. Push Button, Receive Bacon

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The classic of the genre. This baby uses the images that you normally see on a hand dryer: those wavy lines are supposed to be heat. But really, I think the designers had bacon on their mind. They do look like bacon. And wouldn’t we want bacon to be so plentiful and easily accessible? The image has been so popular you can get it on t-shirt. Or on mugs. Or on magnets. I’m just waiting for it to appear as someone’s tattoo.

2. Bacon Ramp

Can't find the author of this image. Does anyone know? This image is awesome and deserves credit!

I guess the original sign is to warn you of a nearby water hazard. But with this new interpretation, I suppose the biggest problem I’m having lately is that I’m not hitting any magical quadrilaterals. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. MAGICAL QUADRILATERALS SHOW ME THE WAY.

3. Bacon Hunting

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It’s a little-known-fact that bacon is not from pigs. In its natural streaky state, it roams the countryside freely in wild packs of bacon slabs. It is only by chasing down this vicious, yet completely toothless wild animal that hunters can deliver this delicious food to our table. In some cases, the herds of bacon can get so deep they can reach up to a hunter’s neck. This can be a dangerous situation, as some hunters can feel so tempted by the delicious bacon, they will eat it raw. My heart goes out to these brave and oh so necessary men.

4. Bacon in Sign Language

Well, it’s not a sign, per se. But it’s sign language! And trust me, it’ll be just as useful as some of the other signs you’ve seen on this page. Probably more so. What if you need to ask a deaf person where the bacon is? Please also note that the gesture for bacon is pretty easy to remember: you just make some wavy bacon with your fingers!