Occasionally, we run across a bacon-related invention that is both mindblowing and strangely mouthwatering. Today is one of those days. I’ve seen a lot of things in my days of posting about bacon for the Republic of Bacon, but this takes the cake – er, rasher. Some folks have decided that pies are not delicious enough. These insane, genius people have decided that pies need something else to take them to a hyper-dimension of awesomeness and deliciousity. And that thing is, of course, bacon. After the break, I’ll tell you about the marvellous and strange world of bacon-weave pies.

Bacon Weaves Are the Top

So, do you remember bacon weaves? They were those things that you made by weaving strands of bacon together? You don’t? Well, go here if you don’t remember. Basically, you start out with a few bacon slices going in one direction, and then a few slices going in the other direction. After that, you wind them over and under one another until you have a lattice that holds itself together. This woven bacon sheet, can either lie flat or be wrapped around things. In the case of pies, the bacon weave is used to create a lid for the pie.

Naturally, the bacon weave top does change things a bit: bacon will shoot off a fair amount of grease as you are cooking it. However, this does mean that a bacon fanatic needs to give up. What it does mean is that you are going to have to dump some or all of the butter from your filling mixture. What follows is a good recipe for a bacon lattice top apple pie.

Bacon Lattice Top Apple Pie

Image Provided by elicooks.wordpress.com

It’s not terribly difficult – I’ve already pretty much described how to do it. The key thing to remember is that the bacon lid will try to pop off as you are baking it. So you’ll need to secure it to the base of the bacon pie with some additional bacon slices. And the filling is slightly different because of the bacon. But otherwise, it’ll be just as delicious as the ones your mom used to make. Well, more delicious – but we won’t tell your mom that if you don’t!

Bacon and Macaroni and Cheese

Image Provided by uniquedaily.com

Apple and bacon go well together because bacon actually shares some of the flavour amino acids that are in apples. But if you aren’t a big fan of sweet and savoury, there is another option for you. You can make a bacon weave macaroni and cheese pie. This is even easier than the traditional pie – you don’t even need a pie crust! All you need is your regular baked macaroni and cheese recipe, and top it off with a lattice of bacon. Me like such simple recipes. Me will make this as soon as possible!

What do you think of bacon-lattice pie tops? Are you planning on making one of your own? If you could have any filling for a bacon-lattice pie, what would you choose?