It’s Friday, so that means we give a shoutout to our favourite bacon websites. Today, I thought I’d continue the tumblr theme and give you a taste of the best bacon posts for the last week on tumblr. As the pulse of the nation, it often has the latest and greatest bacon-related posts out there. This week was no exception. Our favourite picks from last week. Check out this weeks awesome posts.

1. Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Broccoli

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Yeah, I’m totally okay with this. This is like super-duper okay. It’s like the most okay thing I’ve seen in a long time. I can imagine it being slightly more okay with some cheese and sour cream. And then maybe some more bacon. Yeah, that’s how it’ll get to be even more okay.

2. Bacon Tea-Cup

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Sometimes, we want to take our love of bacon to a more sophistimacated level. For times like that, I think its best that we use the proper dishware. So why not make a teacup, saucer and teaspoon out of bacon? It just seems like the natural thing to do. Added bonus: EVERYTHING YOU DRINK’LL KINDA TASTE LIKE BACON.

3. Bacon-Salted Caramel Brownies

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When I did that post on bacon cookies, I should probably have mentioned that bacon in brownie form is of equal or greater awesomeness. Sometimes, when I see bacon brownies, I think about smearing them all over my face. TMI? Dudes, that’s what the Republic of Bacon is for: offering us a safe space to let our crazy love of bacon all hang out. So yeah. Bacon brownies? All over my face.

4. Bacon Poutine

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I should do a list of favourite bacon poutine recipes, shouldn’t I? Or is there really anything more to say than: pour out fries, drizzle cheese and gravy on top and make sure to include lots of bacon?

5. Bacon Devilled Eggs

Bacon Deviled Eggs

This is our second pic from the tumblr “Food is Art” this week. They don’t have any particular bacon-theme. But they are dedicated to finding the art in food, so it’s no wonder they keep coming across something bacon-related.

6. I Love Bacon/I Hate Climate Change

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I’m not a very political fellow – at least when it comes to traditional politics (I’m very wrapped up in the internal politics of the Republic of Bacon). But if every traditional politician started his or her speeches with the words, “I love bacon,” I’d probably pay more attention to whatever it is that came after it.

7. Police Solve the Case of the Missing Bacon

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I have a feeling that this is the cause of most missing bacon in the world. Thankfully for our police departments, the rest of us just go out and buy some more, rather than phone the police.