Bacon grease is a wonderful thing. We’ve already explored some of the many ways you can use bacon grease, including using it in baking or turning it into bacon candles. So we should keep these great things in mind when we hear something like this. According to several news reports, bacon grease has been accused of clogging some sanitation pipes in Halifax. Now, before you get upset and angrily discard all of your bacon, let’s stay calm and consider the facts. My reasoned analysis follows after the jump.

Bacon Grease: Culprit or Red Herring?

Apparently, residents in the Ridgevale subdivision in Halifax have encountered some flooding issues in their neighbourhood. The flooding has come from their local sanitation pipes. About five homes have had some flooding problems, but the flooding has been an off-and-on problem for some homeowners for several years.

When the Halifax Water people investigated with a video camera, they reported that they had found levels of congealed fat that resembled the conditions around restaurants. This prompted them to suggest (they made the suggestion -very important to note!- ) that bacon fat might be causing some blockage, and that this may have resulted in pressure build-ups and explosive leaks. Since this determination, Halifax Water has advised residents to avoid pouring bacon fat down their drains to avoid similar problems.

The Skeptics Speak Up

That, at least, is the official story. But further reports cast some doubt on the bacon fat theory. For one, the Councillor for the area is sceptical. He says, “Bacon fat might have been an instigator but obviously the problem involves much more than that at this point.” He pointed out that Halifax Water’s cleaning methods actually created more of a problem than the bursting of the sanitation pipes. One day, their high-pressure water steamers caused backflow into the street that was not caused by the original blockage. And Dan Legge, one of the homeowners who has suffered from repeat flooding, suggested that the problem is unlikely to be bacon fat because it seems odd that only one neighbourhood would be affected. As Legge said, “I suppose it is conceivable it is grease or fat, but why would there be such a disproportionate amount of it in our neighbourhood?” Maybe bacon fat is being turned into a delicious scapegoat for some other, unknown cause? When you can’t figure out who did it, sometimes it makes sense to lay blame on the popular one.

Better Uses for Bacon Fat

In any case, we should remember that bacon fat shouldn’t be poured down the drain. After all, bacon fat can clog drains – it’s just much more likely to just affect your home, rather than the sanitation system of your entire block. And what you should do with bacon fat is save it for all of the delicious meals that you can make with it, not throw it away. There is no reason you’d just throw away a perfectly good and delicious ingredient for your meals, is there? Bacon grease, as we’ve discussed, is an incredibly versatile product that can add flavour to salad, soups, baked goods and even popcorn. So, residents of Halifax, smarten up: you need to be conserving your precious resource, not dumping it down the drains.

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