Everyone loves the smell of bacon. We’ve already talked about how this love has encouraged people to develop bacon candles, bacon-scented air canisters and all of the other wacky bacon-scented products. But as if these bacon-scented coming out the yin yang hadn’t filled our needs for bacon-scented products, along comes a new one: bacon cologne. It’s called bacon (I’m not going to try to do the accent over the “o”), and it’s by a company called Farginnay (that’s right – Farginnay). All of the crazy details about the cologne follows after the jump.

Long Ago, and in A Land Far, Far Away

Where does bacon cologne come from? Apparently, it’s not a new product. The story behind the cologne is as follows: a French butcher, in 1920, developed a mixture of 11 essential oils that “dramatically” improved his customers’ moods. He started selling it out of his butcher shop – but secretly. To get this secret magical elixir, the customers had to know the code – “Farginnay” – and a small pouch would be handed over to them. But after the shop burned down in 1924, the secret formula was lost. It’s only until now that the makers of this cologne have been able to recreate this secret combination of essential oils.

John Fargginay - The Butcher

Bacon Will Get You That Promotion!

Of course, I’m guessing that’s pretty much a load of hooey. I don’t know who the makers of this cologne really are, but I don’t think they are totally serious. This ad for the cologne gives you some idea. In it, a messy, disrespectful and disorganized executive is given a promotion because he is wearing the bacon cologne. As they say, it’s “scent by the gods.”

YouTube Preview Image

The Positives

It’s not all craziness, though. If you worried that it will just smell like leftover sour bacon, the makers offer us some reassurance. According to their website, the smell isn’t entirely bacon-y. It has top, middle and bottom notes, and the bottom notes are where the bacon is. The top and middle notes are more floral than bacon-related. In fact, according to them, actually finding the bacon scent is “part of the fun.” And although it is marketed as cologne, the makers think that anyone could use it. I guess we are supposed to think of it as the CK one of bacon-scented products.

You can order the scents now from their website. Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic each cost $36 for a bottle: pretty expensive for a novelty item; pretty cheap for an actual cologne. Maybe it’s somewhere in the middle? The makers also warn that you might not be able to get the product because they make all of the colognes “by hand.” And some of the fresh ingredients required for the product might not be in season. So, order it if you can! And please, let us know what you think.

The product was launched a few days ago, and has already begun burning up the Internet. We’re still waiting for our test batch, but when it comes in, we’ll give you the full deets on it. Till then, we are only left with wild speculation. What do you think of this bacon cologne? Do you think you’d like to try it?