Bacon can be a delicious condiment. It can totally make you want to gnash down on something utterly gross. Seal flipper sandwich? Add some bacon, and everyone wants seconds! Floor sweepings and gutter water? Sprinkle some bacon on top, and it’s a gourmet soup! So, with this little nugget of wisdom under our belt, why hasn’t anyone made bacon into a form that you can spread whenever you want? Well, they have – and it’s not always appetizing. But today we are going to talk about an actual, delicious, and solidly bacon-based form of bacon spread: bacon jam. Follow us after the jump and we’ll explore this delicious and wacky world of bacon jam.

Bacon Jam Is No Joke

First of all, I should say this: bacon jam, unlike many of the bacon + some other wacky thing we talk about here, is not a joke. It’s an actual delicious thing that, like, real chefs make and stuff. So you can actually let your tastebuds water at the thought of this. Bacon jams are actually usually sweet, particularly when you use double-smoked or maple-smoked bacon. And sweet bacon jam may sound like a contradiction to some people, but to fans of the Republic of Bacon it’s nothing new. Bacon, as we all know, can be quite awesome at the whole sweet thing.

But unlike regular jam, you probably don’t want to keep this in the fridge too too long – it’s more like a pesto or pate than a regular jam. And it will take you a few hours to make, like most jams will. But the final product is sort of like the love child of a pulled pork sandwich and a pate. And it’s all delicious! So, here follows some of our favourite bacon recipes from around the Interwebs.

Bacon Jam with Coffee and Maple Syrup

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This recipe from Not Quite Nigella helped re-launch the bacon jam craze a couple of years ago, and is helping it simmer. Along with bacon, and some expected ingredients like garlic and onion, the jam includes some slightly curveball-ingredients like maple syrup and coffee. But it all works out in the end. And then you can serve it on some crostini with cream cheese and you’ll be like, omg, bacon jam, why have you not been in my mouth always?

Chipotle Bacon Jam

This one seems to be a bit of a riff on the classic Not Quite Nigella recipe (it also features coffee), but it has the welcome addition of some chilli and chipotle. Oh, and ground Mexican hot chocolate. Yeah, that’s right: I said, ground Mexican hot chocolate.

Skillet Bacon Jam

Well, if you don’t want to make bacon jam, there’s always the option of just buying the stuff. I mean, I wouldn’t do it – who doesn’t want to cook bacon? – but maybe you’re different than me. The price for these babies is also a little steep: nearly forty bucks for three jars? But apparently, they are delish, so what do I know?