We don’t normally talk about this sort of stuff here at the Republic of Bacon, but for this one, I just couldn’t pass it up. One of the hottest new diet trends right now is the Paleolithic diet – or, as it’s commonly called, “The Caveman Diet.” The Paleolithic diet is a bit Atkins-y – it argues that we don’t eat enough meat in our diets, and that we are eating too many carbohydrates. I don’t know about whether this is true or not, but I do know one thing: many folks on the Paleolithic diet love eating bacon. And so, today, for them, I’ve collected some of my favourite Caveman bacon diet recipes. NOM NOM More ME LOVE BACON after the jump.

Caveman Knows Best

But what is all the hoopla about? The idea behind the diet is simple. Basically, the argument goes that our caveman ancestors evolved over millions of years to eat a particular diet. Through research, some scientists have identified what they think these cavemen ate: meat and vegetables primarily, but also fruits, roots and nuts. By eating only these foods, the scientists claim, we’ll live longer and healthier lives. These claims, it should be mentioned, have not been conclusively proven.

The problem with the diet is that it involves a big change from our current diet. About 70% of our daily food intake has to be thrown out the window. People on the diet can’t eat things like dairy, grains, sugar, salt and alcohol (boo!). This means that Cavemen dieters are always looking for recipes that fit the Cavemen diet restrictions, and consequently, a whole slew of recipe books has popped up to get cavemen munching.


I’ve scoured the Internet and found a few of my favourites – at least the ones that include bacon. Bacon is not exactly perfectly caveman friendly – bacon doesn’t precisely fit the bill for the diet. But dieters are usually allowed to have it every once and awhile. And for the rest of us, some of these cavemen diet recipes are just an excuse to try new ways of eating bacon. So pick up your bow and arrow and consider the following!

Bacon and Avocado “Sandwiches”

Image Provided by fitbomb.com

This one got me interested in the whole Paleolithic diet/bacon connection in the first place. The entire recipe only requires four ingredients: bacon, avocados, lime juice and salt. And it looks mad delicious. I might just steal the idea and turn all of my sandwiches into bacon sandwiches. Snarf snarf yum!

Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

Bacon Wrapped Carrots are easy to make, just take your carrot and wrap them in bacon. Put the whole shebang in the oven and bake. When you are done, you’ll be drooling over the idea of eating it. Plus I think Chef Rob is awesome for creating this recipe!

Sweet Potato, Bacon and Egg Salad

Image Provided by cavemandietplan.net

Sure, the cavemen were probably not making a lot of egg salad in their day. But if they could travel thousands of years into the future, they were probably slathering it over some bacon, sweet potatoes and eggs.

What do you think of the caveman diet? Do you think these recipes make you want to turn back the clock a few hundred-thousand years, pick up your spear and hunt some wildebeest?