We here at the Republic of Bacon know that bacon is popular – we see evidence of that pretty much every day! And we know it’s delicious, and anything delicious should be popular. So the whole thing makes sense. But now we have some real hard proof to give to you that shows just how popular bacon has become. Last year a few naysayers were saying that bacon’s days were over. HOW WRONG THEY WERE. If anything, bacon is on track to new highs. How long before the Republic of Bacon rules the world? (Not very, I hope.) Full details after the break.

Half of America Is Very, Very Smart

This article gives all of the dirt on the rapidly expanding bacon craze. For instance, “About 44% of U.S. consumers will eat bacon within a two-week period, which is a record high.” (They didn’t have data for Canadian consumers.) That’s right, though, nearly one half of all Americans eat bacon every two weeks! It’s heartening to know that half of America is filled with awesome dudes and dudettes. Keep up the good work! (And pick up the slack, you non-eating bacon Americans!)

When In Doubt, Reach for the Meat That’s Sweet

They’ve said that this rapid explosion in demand is because of the expansion of bacon-filled menus: according to the article, “The number of restaurant menu items that include bacon has grown by approximately 60% during the past 10 years to around 3,000.” We’ve explored a few of these menu items at the Republic of Bacon, and they range from traditional BLTs to wacky stuff like ice cream sundaes. As they say in the restaurant industry, “When in doubt, add bacon or cheese.” I’d go one step further and suggest that, when in doubt, it’s probably a good idea to add bacon AND cheese. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

But even with these big increases at restaurants, most people still eat bacon where they should: at home. At home, you can make bacon any way you want, and you aren’t constrained by the limitations of things like “menus” and “what you should do” and “common sense.” If you want to put bacon on your wedding cake, you totally should! And we are glad to know that people are following our advice.

“But,” you may ask me, “How do you know that bacon is going to keep on getting popular?” Well, I’m glad you asked that. I think it can all be summed up in one word: comfort. Bacon is the ultimate comfort food. Bacon makes us feel totally happy, and takes away all of our cares. Add that to the fact that bacon is super-duper cheap (especially compared to other comforting stuff like spas and vacations), and you see why bacon is set to be an even bigger part of our lives for years to come. It’s just the beginning, my friends, of a long and beautiful Golden Bacon Age. Hail to thee, O Wonderous Meat Candy!

What do you think of bacon’s popularity? Do you think it’s going to keep growing?