It’s hard containing your bacon love. You want to be able to access it all of the time, including those times when you are away from your kitchen. Sometimes the computer can be a good crutch, but what if even that is not available? What to do? Well, fortunately, the Republic of Bacon site is easily accessible from all smartphones. But if that won’t sate your bacon-hunger, and you want to kick your bacon love up a notch, you could try a bacon app. We’ve already talked about a few of them for your iPhone bacon apps, but there’s a new player in town. We’ll give you the full details of Baconnection, a hot new app for Android phones, after the jump.

Baconnection Gets You Cooking

What does it do? Well, Baconnection, for starters, is a little treasure trove of bacon recipes. The recipes range from potato soup to apple-bacon green beans. I think the ones our friendly Chef Rob gives you are pretty much la crème de la crème (or the bacon of the bacon?). But you know, if you’ve already run through everything that Chef Rob has given you, why not give these a try? There’s always room for more bacon in your diet! They promise that with the app you can “prepare a bacon recipe a day for most of a year without eating bacon the same way twice.” All of their recipes come from one of three sites:, Taste of Home, and Every Day with Rachael Ray.

They Let You Play With Your Bacon

The other great thing about this little app is that it offers two games for you. One is a bacon trivia game called Bacon Bits. The point of this is to test your in-depth knowledge of bacon – a skill that any long time reader of the Republic of Bacon has undoubtedly well-honed. The other game you can play is called Baconnection: the bacon game. Think of it as the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, but without the Kevin part. You have to find recipes that share similar ingredients to get from one bacon-related recipe to another bacon-related recipe in six steps or less. Personally, I think you could add bacon to pretty much anything (we certainly do that here!) – but that’s not how the game is played. Check out the website for screen shots and further details of the games.


Androids Like Bacon

The other thing to note is that Baconnection is $0.99 in American (so, at current exchange rates, about $0.93 Canadian). And you can only currently get it for Android devices. Further evidence – I think – that you might want to just stick with perusing the best of the Republic of Bacon on your current smartphone. After all, we aren’t choosy whether you do it with your ‘droid phone, your iPhone, or your Blackberry. But what do I know?

Do you think you’d like to try the Baconnection app? And even if you don’t want the baconnection app, is a bacon-related app your thing, and would you like to try one for your phone?