It was about a year ago when I first tried a Bison Burger. I don’t know what took me so long, these things are SOOOO AMAZINGLY delicious. Slightly gamier than regular beef, bison adds that little extra kick that the average burger greatly desires. Of course I wanted to pair this with bacon, but I had to do it a little bit more creatively.

A regular burger, what does it have? There’s Meat, cheese toppings inside a bun. What if I made the bun, toppings and cheese inside the meat? Yeah. How ‘bout them apples?

Below I’ll show you how to make a bison burger stuffed with mushrooms, shallots, cheese and breadcrumbs. Delicious.


5 Strips Maple Leaf Bacon

1 lb Ground Bison Meat

1½ cups Sliced Cremini Mushrooms

1 Shallot

1 ½ tbsp Dijon or Grainy Mustard

1 Egg

½ cup Bread Crumbs, divided

1 oz Whiskey or Burbon

3 tbsp Heavy Cream

¼ cup Grated Gruyere (or whatever cheese you want)


1. Slice up your bacon into tiny little pieces. These are going to go inside the burger so we need them to be small.

2. Dice your shallot nice and fine. Remember, sharp knives save lives!

3. Slice up your mushrooms. I decided to cut them in half then make slices. It’s a quick and easy way to make small but even pieces.

4. Fry up your bacon so it’s nice and crispy then remove it from the pan, but leave the remaining rendered fat behind.

5. Throw your mushrooms into the bacon fat and fry them up on medium heat. Once they begin to sweat, add in your shallot and continue to fry until everything is nice and golden.

6. Throw in a shot of whiskey. Use some good stuff. Just like wine, don’t cook with what you won’t drink. I used some special edition Single Barrel Jack Daniels. It’ll add both a sweetness and a much desired smokiness to the mushrooms.

7. Add in your cream, cheese and a few tablespoons of your breadcrumbs. Take it off the heat and stir everything up until the cheese melts and the breadcrumbs bind everything together. Set it aside to cool. See, Breadcrumbs. I told you there’d be a bun on the inside!

8. In a bowl, add together your bison meat, egg, ¼ cup of bread crumbs, dijon/grainy mustard salt and pepper. I used the triple crunch grainy mustard again, the same stuff I used in the Pork Trio recipe. This stuff is remarkable.

9. Mix everything together with your hands. Add more breadcrumbs if you feel the mixture is a little too ‘wet’ and doesn’t hold together well.

10. I made two massive half pound burgers from this recipe. You don’t have to. But big burgers mean big flavour.

11. Take a quarter of your meat mixture and flatten it out into a thin patty on some parchment/wax paper. Take some of your mushroom mixture and some bacon and place it on top. Don’t add too much or else it will all fall out later.

12. Take another quarter of your meat, flatten it out into a patty and place it on top. Seal the edges really well and flatten everything gently. If you push too hard, everything will ooze out.

13. Cook your burgers. I used a pan simply because my condo doesn’t allow barbecues. I’d prefer grilling it. And for that matter, why not put some more cheese on top. Everything is better with more cheese.

14. I served this with a salad. I think it’s wise you do the same…