You know when I said that I didn’t think that bacon could do anything that would surprise me – and then I told you about a bacon keyboard that is being used to get birds to tweet on Twitter? Well, apparently, even after that wack-job of nuttiness, bacon still has a few tricks up its sleeve (if it even has sleeves). I have one of those tricks for you today – get ready to read all about the bacon battery. But that’s just the beginning. A whole load more are on their way, thanks to the Instructables Bacon Challenge. Full details follow after these messages (or when you click the link).

DIY Bacon

So, first of all: Instructables is offering a Bacon Challenge. Instructables is a site dedicated to DIY – Do It Yourself. People post instructions on how to do anything from How to Clean a Carburetor to how to make Hot Cross Bun Icecream Sandwiches. Just recently, the organizers of the site have decided to offer a challenge: make something amazing out of bacon! (They sound like clearly awesome and stand-up people.) Although there are no guidelines on specifically what you should make out of bacon, I think its clear that they want the creators to think outside the frying pan, and try to make something not food-related. As they say, “Dress it up, build with it, get creative with your porcine bounty. The challenge is to make something both original and bacon-related. If it’s about bacon, it’s eligible.”

And Then Bacon Said: Let There Be Light!

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One of the entries that caught my eye was this one: a bacon battery. Yes! Someone has figured out how to harnass the awesomeness of bacon into electrical form. It’s surprisingly easy. You start out by taking some copper wire, zinc wire, a LED light and, of course, some bacon. After you’ve finished making it, the cell can produce about 0.6 Volts of electricity. Yowza! Thatsa spicy meatball!

So what’s the scoop – how does it all go down? Because I’m no electrician, and I don’t want to be held liable for you burning down the house, check out the site for the full details. But a quick rundown goes something like this: you start out by making electrodes for the bacon out of pieces of the copper wire and the zinc. Then roll some fatty strips of bacon (the fattier the better!) and put them onto the wire. Insert the free ends of the copper and zinc into pieces of bacon, creating a circle. Use an LED as the last link in the chain. If all of this sounds like mumbo-jumbo, you can see an image of what it should look like here. When it’s all hooked up, the LED should start to glow. Strangely enough, I always knew you had it in you, bacon.

Trade In Your Bacon for an Ipad

The bacon battery is just one of the entries: already, many other entries have begun to flood in. And don’t forget the prize – the winner gets a free Ipad! (I hear the Ipad is a great way to look at the Republic of Bacon). We will keep you updated with some of our favourites in the following days. But if you are interested in entering, don’t delay! The contest is open only until May 8th. Start innovating immediately!