Breakfast is totally under appreciated. It is the most important meal of the day, but people tend to rush out of the house and substitute it with an energy bar, a glass of juice or nothing at all! I say we end this madness!

Bacon and eggs are the quintessential breakfast, but, to be frank, that’s kind of boring. How about we add a little flare? How bout we make it so that things can be prepped ahead of time? How bout we make it friggin’ delicious?! This might be a bit, bullish. But I am going to state that this is by far the Best Bacon and Eggs Recipe Ever! What I love about this recipe is you can substitute pretty much anything into it.


8 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

4 slices Dempster’s sliced bread (your choice)

150g Baby Spinach

4 Eggs

¼ cup Grated Gruyere

2 cloves Garlic

3 tbsp Olive Oil

Non-stick cooking spray

Salt and Pepper

Makes 4 Breakfast Cups


1. Preheat your oven to 400°F

2. Mince up your cloves of garlic well and toss them into a large pan or wok with your olive oil. Fry that garlic until it turns golden and fragrant.

3. Throw in your spinach and cover with a lid. I said 150g because that’s how much was listed on my package of spinach. Just cook the whole bag/package. It cooks down to nothing, I swear.

4. While you’re spinach is doing its thing, go ahead and fry your 8 strips of bacon. But WAIT. Don’t cook them all the way through. Cool them until they’ve released a little bit of fat and are still very soft. 5 minutes, tops.

5. Take the lid off your spinach. Everything should have wilted by now. Even if it didn’t, continue to stir it up until everything is cooked. Add a pinch of salt and black pepper and set it aside.

Tip – everything I’ve done up until now (incuding par-cooking the bacon) can be done ahead of time. The rest of the recipe is just assembly and baking. Please don’t preheat your oven the day before, though.

6. Spray your muffin tin with cooking spray, then place 4 rounds of bread into the bottom of your muffin tins.

7. Add some shredded gruyere

8. Put some spinach down.

9. Line the perimeter of the cups with 2 strips of bacon.

10. Carefully crack an egg in the middle.

11. Top with more cheese (of course, more cheese)

12. Pop them in the oven for about 8 minutes, or until the whites have gone…. White. You can leave them in longer if you like your yolks more firm.

13. Serve with an extra shredding of gruyere and any leftover spinach.

This twist on a classic breakfast will be sure to impress your girlfriend and is easy enough to make her think you are a master chef.

What do you think? Best Bacon and Eggs Recipe ever?