When I was compiling the best bacon and chicken recipes last week, I noticed that one thing that kept coming up was cheese. And why not? Bacon and cheese have been married since a very wise man created the bacon cheeseburger. It’s actually pretty surprising that bacon and cheese are not joined more often – why don’t people put cheese on their bacon when they are making it for breakfast? To make up for the frightening lack of bacon-covered cheese in our particular universe (I imagine there is some parallel universe where bacon and cheese do spend much of their time melted on each other), I have compiled the list of the best bacon and cheese recipes that the ever-fertile hive mind of the Internet has to offer.

Bacon and Cheese Biscuits

Image Provided by livelovepasta.com

I love simple recipes. When I’m trying to cook anything in the kitchen, something will inevitably burst into flames/fall onto the floor/come out weird. That’s why recipes like this one are the sort of thing I live for: four ingredients, with one of them being bacon. And another being cheese. And a third is pre-prepared biscuit dough. And the fourth is cheese. Yeah, cheese hits that list twice. Why? CAUSE IT IS AWESOME.


Broccoli Cheese Baked Potato with Bacon

Image Provided by cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com

You know, I think the reason why I like cheese and bacon so much – aside from the amazingness of the taste combination – is that I’m pretty much a sucker for any food that looks like it is exploding outward from the pressure of too-much contained deliciousness. I mean, look at this thing: that is one motherhonking tasty looking tuber. And I know I’m down on vegetables a lot on this site, but that broccoli looks mighty fine in the hot mess on top. Baked potato goodness for the win!


Bacon Mac and Cheese

Image Provided by blogchef.net

Yo (so unclassy I know but seriously), we have to fit a bacon mac and cheese recipe on this list somehow. I just need to. Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and throwing in bacon just seems like the humane thing to do. I figure after eating this I’d probably lapse into some sort of warm and fuzzy coma of happiness.


Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Image Provided by whitewatercrafting.com


Real men don’t eat quiche. But real women do: cause they are smart, and they know that only suckers don’t put bacon into their quiches. In fact, real men would be wise to listen to the real women in their lives and try some of this bacon and cheese quiche, because otherwise, they might be missing out on something pretty super-duper.


Bacon and Cheese Dogs

Image Provided by quick-dish.tablespoon.com

Of course, with bacon and cheese, why do you need to do anything more complicated than cramming a hot dog with cheese, wrapping the whole thing in bacon and setting everything on fire? This sort of thing a) is totally awesome b) makes me very hungry and c) brings out the cave man in me. In that spirit: YARGLE BLARG ME EAT FIRE MEAT AND ME LOVE BACON CHEESE DOG AND ME EAT MORE YES.