In the past, it was common for many famous artists to choose a muse that would inspire them to create magical and beautiful works of art. Although this was usually their mistress or wife, sometimes it was something different – like a favourite building or a place in the countryside. I guess some artists in the present day have continued this tradition. Except that they have chosen the wonderful and magical food item known as bacon as their inspiration. Yes, that’s right – some people have actually decided to paint bacon. Hey! I don’t make this stuff up – I just find it for you. I am going to show you the best bacon paintings the Internet has to offer.


Cindy Wright

Image Provided by Cindy Wright

This painting, by Belgian painter Cindy Wright, is of a huge hunk of bacon. Many paintings of bacon make bacon look really weird and crazy, so I think I’m fond of this one: it looks like a pile of bacon ready for the frying pan. Yum!


Mike Geno

Image Provided by Mike Geno

If you are looking to buy some bacon paintings, you should probably consider Mike Geno. The painter has a store on Etsy, and from there, he sells prints of his meat-related paintings. He has several of bacon, including this one. They are meant to testify to the “seductiveness” of meat, and were inspired by his work as meat cutter in several grocery stores. And the prints are both high quality (he uses a high quality printer) and super cheap ($20). Sounds like a bacon and art lover’s dream come true!



Ali Spagnola

Image Provided by Ali Spagnola

I think that of all the bacon paintings, this is my favourite. It’s the cutest bacon sandwich, that’s for sure. And it looks pretty happy! If I was going to paint bacon, I’d make it look as happy as possible – after all, that’s what I feel when I eat bacon! Even better – when Ali painted this painting, she was giving many of her paintings away for free. Let’s hope some lucky bacon fan got this painting for free.


Victoria Reynolds

Image Provided by Victoria Reynolds

This meaty painting probably looks the most photo-realistic of the bunch – I kinda want to just reach out and grab a few slices. Reynold’s shtick also seems to be emphasizing how intricately beautiful meat can look – like a very luxurious scarf for intricate needlework. She often pairs her work with super-ornate frames, like this one. As I’ve said many times: bacon isn’t just for the everyday dude – it’s can go high class as well!


Bacon Starry Night

Image Provided by

Finally, this painting isn’t actually a painting. It’s a reproduction of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting, but made entirely out of bacon! It’s from the Instructable contest I told you about recently (didn’t I say that it would produce some excellent work?). So if you pop on over to the site, they’ll even give you step-by-step instructions on how to make this crazy “painting.” That sounds like a magnificent idea.


What do you guys think of the bacon paintings? Are they inspiring you to create your own paintings, or are they just inspiring to eat your own bacon?