It’s been awhile since we surveyed the best bacon tattoos of the Internet (you can see our previous bacon tattoo round-ups Bacon Tattoos and bacon tattoos of awesome and bacon tattoos aren’t weird), and we all know how great these things can get. So, for your viewing pleasure, please be checking out the following bacon tattoos. As always, I think bacon generally belongs on your plate (or in your mouth!) – not tattooed all over your body. But what do I know?


1. Bacon Friendship Tattoos

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We are a big, warm family here at the Republic of Bacon, so it’s lovely to see such heartwarming displays of friendships. Matching bacon tattoos? Awwwww. In the shape of a heart? Double awwwww. Having seen these tattoos, I thought of making matching bacon tattoos a requirement for membership in the republic of bacon. But then again, I’m not that nuts.


2. Bacon Angel

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Eating bacon is a bit like enjoying a slice of heaven. I guess that’s the thinking behind this tattoo. But it also gets me thinking – is the bacon an angel because it died? Like, is the bacon floating up to its just reward? If that’s the case, I guess it was just a really good piece of bacon – I don’t really want to imagine what bacon Hell would look like. Or – even weirder – what if we all turn into bacon angels when we die? Whoa – Dude. I think I just broke my brain.


3. Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

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BLT month just officially ended, but here at the Republic of Bacon, every day is a potential BLT day. Like here is our Best Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato (BLT) Sandwhich Recipe. As I said, I’m not much for having tattoos, but I can’t really disagree with the awesomeness of this tattoo: our tattooed friend has had the holy trinity of bacon, lettuce and tomato etched onto his or her arm, revealing a heart.


4. Bacon Thigh

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Simplicity is always a good policy. If you want to show your bacon-love, you don’t need to put a lot of crazy stuff on there – it only distracts from the sincere feelings you cherish deep in your heart. In this case, a strip of bacon coiled delicately around the wearer’s leg says a lot of things. Perhaps something like, “I sometimes dream of wrapping my body up in bacon like some sort of scallop.” That being said, I kind of like it. It looks like a barbershop pole of baconosity.


5. Bacon Seahorse Tattoo

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Seahorses are magical creatures, aren’t they? Just hanging there, floating sideways through the water. Apparently, they have been long appreciated in China as a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. No word yet on what tremendous magical powers a bacon seahorse tattoo will have, but I think it could probably fix everything from the mysterious disappearance of one’s socks to the continuing problems of global warming. Because if it didn’t, why would you get it tattooed to your leg?