J&D Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt – that alternative bacon seasoning – have recently launched a new product: Bacon Rub. Bacon Rub is supposed to be the griller’s best friend. According to the company, “Bacon Rub solves the age old problem of wanting everything to have that Wrapped in Bacon Taste.” As I am usually struggling with this very problem each and every day, I am excited that they have finally figured out a way to resolve this issue. But then again, I might have just been tempted to wrap said item in bacon to achieve that Wrapped in Bacon Taste. You know what I mean? So, in honour of J&D launching this new Bacon Rub, I was going to provide you with a list of seven things that could most use a good ol’ Bacon Rub. And I am! But just remember that you can easily substitute some actual bacon for the Bacon Rub. The list follows after the jump.


1. Hot Dogs

The quintessential wrapped in bacon product, hot dogs and bacon are the perfect summer food. It’s like like shorts and flip-flops: it’s just meant to be.


2. Asparagus

Many vegetables are crying out for a good bacon wrapping or bacon rubbing: “Please help us!” they say, with their vibrant greenness, “We are bland and flavourless! We need someone to save us from our dreariness!” But this all changes after they have been wrapped tightly in bacon/rubbed with bacon rub. In fact, I’ve called up my local MP and I’m going to suggest a private members bill prohibiting all barbecued vegetables from touching a grill without an intervening layer of bacon/bacon rub.


3. Mushrooms

Ditto with these guys: wrassle up your big mushrooms with a layer of bacon. But who, you might ask, eats bacon and mushrooms? And I might respond: why are you eating your mushrooms nude of bacon?


4. Pineapple

I could have said any fruit here. But I’m saying pineapple. Cause nothing says a luau like rubbing your bacon-rubbing hands all over a pineapple and then setting it on fire. I won’t even get into why it will taste good. I’m just telling you to do it. DOOOOOOOO ITTTTTT


5. Shrimp

“Put another shrimp on the barbie!” Isn’t that was those Australian are always saying? And as many of you know, I have recently begun the Bacon-Wrapped Australian Food Diet – I only eat things that are covered/rubbed in bacon, and are Australian. As a result, my floor is an inch deep in discarded shrimp tails AND I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! Okay, none of that is true. But my advice is.


6. Whatever You Durn Well Please

Hey! Let’s put Aunt Hilda’s fruit cake on the BBQ after rubbing it with Bacon Rub! It can’t taste any worse, after all. Or maybe some of Chef Rob’s Bacon Doughnuts! I have a feeling that a doughnut on the BBQ might instantly burst into blue flames, but once doused, I’m sure it would be delicious. Or whatever! I would never put the brakes on your creativity. I’m not that sort of bacon fanatic.


7. Steak

OK, be boring! See if I care! All you care about is eating food that tastes like dreams. You aren’t fun anymore – I remember when we used to have fun with our bacon.

What would you use J&D Bacon Rub for?