I told you about that bacon Instructables contest a few weeks ago: it was the one asking people to come up with interesting bacon-related inventions. It’s such a great idea. Anyhoo, it appears that the winners and runners up have been chosen – and they are a wild and crazy bunch! Today, I’ll introduce you to some of the ideas that caught the eyes of the judges, starting off with the amazing invention of bacon caviar. Read all the details after the break.

Save Salmon Eggs – Have Bacon Caviar!

Bacon caviar is the creation of koala.yummy, and for its sheer out-there-ness, it won the grand prize in the Instructables contest. The basic idea behind the food item is pretty simple. Bacon caviar is made up of little balls that look and feel like balls of caviar, but that taste like bacon. According to koala.yummy, they squish in your mouth when you bite into them, and that if you want the “pop” of caviar, you can add a lot of bacon salt. But the big thing that makes bacon caviar possible is agar agar – a gelatinous substance used in Asian dishes to make candy.


How To Make Bacon Caviar

The Instructables provides full instruction on how to make the bacon caviar. But the basic idea goes like this: first, make some bacon. Once it’s cooked, blend it with some chicken broth and bacon salt. Strain the resulting mixture through a cheesecloth. You are going to use the liquid for the caviar, but don’t throw out the leftover meat. Leftover meat can always find a use! Once you’ve gathered up all of the liquid in a bowl, you can heat it up with a tablespoon of agar agar, some more bacon salt and chicken broth. When the agar agar is completely dissolved, you can fill up a syringe with the mixture and drop little balls into a bowl of chilled oil. As I said before, the agar agar turns the bacony liquid into a gelatinous lump that has the consistency of caviar. When you’ve dropped enough balls in the chilled oil, you can rinse off the excess oil in cold water. And voila! You have some delicious bacon caviar. You can top off some crackers with the stuff, and no one will be the wiser.


Other Great Bacon Inventions

The runners-up were also great ideas. The runners-up included bacon roses – which we’ve explored here on the republic of bacon – as well as the bacon Van Gogh and the bacon lamp. New to us items included the Bacon Pancake Popper and the Truffle Schwarz. The Bacon Pancake Poppers are little deep-fried balls – sorta like Chinese chicken balls. The trick to making these is that you roll-up pieces of bacon, dip them into pancake batter and deep fry them. When you are done, you can dip them into some maple syrup. The Truffle Schwarz is a bacon-souled chocolate candy. I can’t wait to try to make all of them!


What do you think of the contestants for the Instructables bacon contest? Do you think you might have submitted something more unique? Tell us in the comments below!