It’s always nice to start the day off humming along to a catchy tune. For me, sometimes it’s the only way for me to get out of bed and into out of my house! And lately, I’ve been stuck listening to that G6 song on the radio, so it’s great news that I can finally push it out of my head with something bacon-related, and therefore, awesomely awesome. And even without the bacon, it doesn’t suck! In fact, I’ve been humming it as I type this up. Follow us after the break and I’ll deposit the earworm in your head as well.

Bacon is a Harsh Muse

Here at the Republic of Bacon HQ, we hear quite a few awful bacony songs. Every day, thousands of bacon songs are sent into our site, cramming our email inbox and giving our mail carriers hernias. Many of them are outright terrible – poorly written, wretchedly sung, outright offensive to anyone with a functioning sense of human decency. But sometimes, we find one or two that are such blinding gems of staggering worth. Hidden amid all that muck, they shine even brighter. This song is one of them.


Okay, some of what I just said isn’t very true. But the good bacon song part is – it’s called (quite unoriginally) “The Bacon Song,” and it’s from the Youtube channel of a noted Youtuber named meekakitty. If you aren’t already, you should probably get with it and check this lady ouuuuuttt. Meekakitty is actually a 20 year-old lady named Tessa. She’s a former model who has started a very funny youtube channel dedicated to discussing … well, whatever strikes her fancy – and her fancy is quite entertaining! As part of this whole “vlogging” thing (I don’t make these words up), she occasionally does songs with some of her friends.

“The Bacon Song” was written with the help of Jason Munday and Alex Carpenter. Jason and Alex are fellow Youtubers (is there some secret club I’m not aware of?). Jason writes and performs original songs on his channel – usually power pop and rock-inflected songs about “being a boy and being a nerd.” Alex is more of a comedy vlogger like Tessa – he often does parodies of popular songs, including the recent Rebecca Black hit, “Friday.” Both of them are clearly on a level of awesome that is required to even discuss bacon in a meaningful way.


Bacon in Power Pop Form

With these three combining together, they have created a work for the ages: a pop-rock anthem about the love of bacon. High powered and fun, it has a chorus that will nestle comfortably in your brain like a small dog, and will not leave for at least a few days. The whole thing is also nicely produced and sounds, you know, like an actual song. That’s probably why they think that they can sell it on itunes and it could get some money. And it’s not just me who is (mildly) crazy for this song – it’s been posted on youtube for a few weeks, and it’s already racked up nearly 300,000 views. Check-check-check it out, my fellow bacon fanatics!