The kids love animated gifs. They use them in all of those forum postings they do where they talk to complete strangers about all their favourite TV shows or pop stars or whatever it is they talk about these days. I’m not really sure. (Some days, I feel so old.) But I do know that animated gifs are popular, and so is bacon, so it’s no surprise that there is a wide selection of bacon gifs floating around the Interwebs. Because I love y’all so much, I’ve looked through the Internets and found the best ones. Join us after the break for an exciting list!

Funny Dog Bacon Gif

This one came from I Can Haz Cheeseburger and Senor Gifs. Dogs love bacon, don’t they? Well, I don’t know if they always love bacon, but they are certainly always thinking about it. Actually? What I’m talking about – I have no idea what dogs are thinking about most of the time. I just hope that they are thinking about it.


Cat Nibbling Gif

Because we are equal opportunity animals lovers, I have to include a cat bacon gif. As you might remember, xchickengirlx is the one who introduced this to the world. And thank god she did. I could watch this for hours. And by hours, I mean, watch it for pretty much all day and far into the night. Look at the cute little kitty cat! Awwww!


Bacon Love

One of the many anonymous bacon gifs floating around the Internet, bacon love expresses the feelings we all have for bacon, but in wobbly animated form. When I’m cooking bacon I sometimes like to imagine that two of the slices are in love with each other. It’s sort of a romantic Romeo and Juliet thing cause they eventually end up united in my stomach.


Bacon Cooking

This is just pretty much the best way to watch bacon: slowly frying in a pan. Look at the soft brown deliciousness! Look at the juicy fat glistening! I sort of think this is a really cruel gif. It just makes me crave some bacon. And I have spread that cruelty to you! I am a terrible, terrible person.


Dancing Bacon

Hello! I’m dancing bacon! I am here to give you happiness and joy and to help you remember that all problems in life can be solved with bacon! Well, maybe not all problems, but at least most of them! Okay, maybe not most of them, but all of the bacon-related ones can be solved with bacon! And those are the only ones that matter!


Sink Bacon

The creepiest bacon gif I could possibly find. Someone described it as “zombie” bacon escaping from a frying pan and running around a sink. I’m not sure why the bacon is running around, but I would be pretty unhappy if I caught my bacon doing such a thing.


Do you have any bacon gifs you want to share with us? Let us know!