It’s Friday, so it’s our favourite time again: Bacon Friday Link Love! This is that thing where we gather up the best bacony stuff from across the Internet, roll it up into a delicious treat, and present it to you! This week, we’ve got a crazy range of stories, recipes and just weird things, ranging from frying bacon on your iPad to King Curtis. So, without further ado, here we go:

How to Cook Bacon on Your iPad

Yeah, they suckered me in with this, too. You don’t actually cook bacon on the surface of the iPad – we’ll have to wait a few more weeks before someone tries that. This is actually just an advertisement for stainless cookware, that you can access on your iPad. The idea is that you can move the frying pan around on the iPad and your cooking bacon – thoroughly not sticking to the pan – will easily slide around, too. Still fun, I guess, if you don’t have a frying pan and some bacon.


Bacon and Goat Cheese Orzo

The Food Republic provides great recipes – this is one of my recent favourites. Frankly, I think the goat and its attendant cheese are a fairly misunderstood animal/cheese combo, and I am always on the lookout for recipes that help overcome this.


Big Fat Bacon Sliders

Yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen a bacon burger before. No big whoop there. But this one is a magical treat. Not only does the recipe look amazing, but the Pioneer Woman is pretty good at capturing close-up shots of all of the delicious ingredients she is using to make her meal. And the final product is sorta making my mouth melt into a puddle of saliva. If nothing else, she knows how to tightly wrap a burger in bacon. And that is a skill, yo.


Twisted Bacon

Twisted bacon comes to our attention via DJ Reed Rothschild, noted bacon afficianado and “destroyer” of the Internet. Apparently, some people like to twist their bacon before baking it (I almost typed “baconing it”), and then brushing on some butter? Sounds equal parts wonderful and awesome.


King Curtis

Remember Curtis, the kid on Wife Swap who said that “bacon was good” for him? (If you’ve forgotten, there’s a video here.) Well, someone has realized that this kid has some very good ideas, and should probably be listened to in other areas. Now, here at the Republic of Bacon, we are democracy, so we don’t really need a King. But maybe we should offer him the position of constitutional head of our state?