It’s summer, so you’ve probably been searching for a perfect excuse to escape from your dreary job to your patio or balcony. I mean, this is Canada, right? We only have about five more weeks of summer left. And one of the best ways to enjoy the best season of the year? By relaxing in a Muskoka chair with a tall, cool cocktail. Of course, as we know, everything in this universe could benefit from a sprinkle or dash of bacon, so to make them that much better, I’ve scoured the Internet and jerry-rigged together some bacon-flavoured summer cocktails. So, crack out your jorts, toss on a pair of ray bans, and fire up your mixer: it’s time to get your bacon on.

Bacon Old-Fashioned

We covered this baby the last time we did the bacon cocktails round-up, but y’all should be reminded of this one: the Bacon Old-Fashioned. For this drink (and many of the following beverages), you’ll need to bacon-wash your bourbon first. If you’ve forgotten what that is, check out our bacon bourbon guide. And if you want to make your drink truly Canadian, you can bacon-wash some Canadian whiskey instead of bourbon. With the whiskey mixing with some maple syrup, your drink can be a truly Canadian drink. Personally, I think it would make a great way to unwind on the edge of some dock with some loons trilling in the distance.


Steven and Chris’s Bacon Casear

Steven and Chris offer us this recipe for a Bacon Caesear, but even if they aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of similar recipes sloshing about the Internet. The key thing to remember is that celery really helps offset any negative feelings you might have about eating a bacon cocktail. And because it has bacon in it, you are officially allowed to have this cocktail for breakfast.


Bacon Bourbon Sour

For the Bacon Bourbon Sour, this website suggests using Torani bacon syrup – which, in a pinch, might be acceptable. But you should always substitute the Torani syrup for some bacon-washed bourbon. Once again, to Canadianize this, you can sub in some Canadian whiskey. And don’t listen to the reviewer: I’m sure that the combo of bacon and lemon is ab-so-lute-ly delicious.


The Bacon Rosebud

For this one, we are going to adapt a recipe from this site. They suggest using a watermelon-infused vodka. But for ours, I recommend either bacon-washing some vodka or using that notorious Bakon. If you have any doubts about whether bacon and watermelon go together, remember the cardinal rule: bacon goes with everything.


The Bacon Bees Knees

A bee website (that’s correct, a bee website!) has given us this recipe: the bacon bees’ knees. Like the Rosebud, they don’t explicitly include any bacon flavouring, but we can fix this by bacon-washing some vodka before making it. And if you are having any doubts about mixing sweetness with bacon, just dribble some honey on top of bacon the next time you are making it, and report back to me on whether you should be doing it or not.

What are your favourite bacon summer cocktails?