As you might have remembered, the Instructables website recently issued a challenge to produce something for their website that featured bacon. The winning entry was bacon caviar – which was truly spectacular. But there were so many great entries, I think we should cover a few more today. So here, from bacon guitars to bacon lip balm, are my favourites. Read them all after the break!

Bacon Guitar

If you are looking to play one of the many bacon songs we’ve “discovered” on this blog, you’d probably want something to show appropriate to play it on. This Instructables Bacon Challenge entry shows you how to make a guitar out of bacon. Well, more like cover a guitar with bacon. I’m not sure if it would be all that great after a few days. But those first few chords must be quite bacony!


Bacon and Egg Hoodie

There’s never a wrong time to wear bacon. Last weekend, I even wore a bacon tuxedo to my cousin’s wedding. Sure, she was a little shocked. She might even have cried a bit. But deep down, I know those were tears of happiness. Imagine the reaction I would have gotten if I had worn this bacon and egg hood combo with it?


Bacon Soup Bowl

We’ve created our fair share of things at the Republic of Bacon HQ. Have you seen our bacon hipster glasses? But I think this one blows our minds a little. This person has created a bacon soup, and put it in a bacon soup bowl. Most likely for our BLT soup, at first glance, this may seem a tad dull. But you have to consider that bacon, as a container, is not very leak-proof. And, it’s pretty good at melting when heated. So the genius behind this managed to combine crisp and slightly soggy bacon in such a way that it maintained its structural integrity. Slow clap, mah friends.


Wearable Bacon Tie

Well, this would definitely co-ordinate with our bacon hipster glasses! It’s a tie, and it’s made out of bacon. I’ve already given out most of my Father’s Day suggestions, but it’s a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind in case all of your other Father’s Day presents fall through and you need a quick back-up.


Bacon Jam

As we’ve covered almost every base in the bacon world, we’ve already introduced you to the existence of bacon jam. But if you were considering a new recipe for smokey bacon jam, why not choose this one? I’m always looking for new bacon jam recipes, myself! That’s right – I did just say that.


Bacon Lip Balm

Everything’s getting too commercial nowadays, isn’t it? I mean, nowadays people are just straight out buying bacon lip balm. But back in my day, we used to make our own bacon lip balm out of just some bacon, Vaseline and an old candle. Yeah, that’s right, sonny, you heard me right. Now get off my grass!