It’s finally getting hot. And if you are like me (of course you are exactly like me!), you are probably spending most of Friday staring at the clock, wondering when you can finally sneak out of the office to sit on a patio and enjoy a cool brew and some bacon. Unfortunately, time always seems to stand still on Friday. So, until you can finally set your Microsoft office Outlook out of office message for the weekend on, we’re stuck here together. Let’s try to entertain each other, shall we? I’ll start by posting some of my favourite bacon related posts of the week. You had better have something to match it, buddy!

Bacon Bourbon Brownies

I’ve been trying to figure out what is better: bacon or bacon with chocolate? I mean, bacon can obviously be eaten with everything, but it might not such a great idea to eat chocolate bacon on an Egg McMuffin, for example. (Or would it?!) But chocolate bacon does have the benefit of combining two of the greatest things in the world into one delicious thing. And this recipe adds yet another awesome thing. It’s kind of like a shark flying a fighter plane and shooting lasers out of his eyes. Yeah, sorta like that.


Bacon, Tomato and Blue Cheese

I love blue cheese. I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but I kind of love how stinky it is. It’s so unapologetically itself, which is what bacon is, too. So this sandwich makes great sense together.


10 Things to Wrap in Bacon

Our paleo friends are always coming with interesting bacon-related meals. Here, Steve suggests some of his favourite things to wrap with bacon and then cook on the grill. Mostly seafood protein and the more delicious of the greeny stuff (like asparagus). But there are some surprises on there. Go check it out. Also, check out his tips for cooking on the BBQ. As you may know, bacon + BBQ can = flames. He suggests always cooking your bacon a little before you BBQ so that the fat renders a bit and you don’t get a bacon explosion. Good to know!


The Bacon Flowchart

This flowchart has been floating around the Internet for a bit, but the redditers became re-interested in it this week. Its basic premise is that it is a guide that helps you figuring out what you should eat when you’re hungry. And clearly, when you’re hungry, all you could ever want to eat would be bacon. The jokes follow from there. Recommended!


Darth Bacon

Shannon Cottrell

There’s this gallery in Los Angeles, you see. And they have commissioned all sorts of takes on Darth Vader. And they have decided to include one that features a little bacon man in it. Yeah, I know. I don’t get art, either.


Beer Cupcakes with Beer and Bacon Frosting

I may not be your father, but I’m probably older than you. And it’s always wise to respect your elders. So, if you are thinking of sending me anything for Father’s Day, can you make it these cupcakes? Most appreciated.