Etsy is a great place to find one of a kind gifts. And you know that whatever you buy from Etsy isn’t going to pad some big retailers bottom line. Almost all of your money goes straight to the hardworking artists and creators of the work. That’s why I love searching on it for bacon-related gifts. Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite bacon gifts from Etsy. All of the goodness starts after the break.

Keep Calm and Love Bacon

We were starting to get a little tired of the Keep Calm and Carry On meme – the one where people take the original British wartime poster and vary it in some humourous way. Like all memes, it is almost always over (or should have been over) when it began. But then I see this bacon variation of it, and my heart melts. Bacon has that effect on me.


Bacon Periodic Table Pillow

We showed you the Bacon Periodic Table poster a few months ago. (Has it been that long?) But now some enterprising person at Etsy has put it on a pillow. With this pillow, I’m sure all of your dreams will not only be wonderfully crammed full of bacony imagery, they will also be measurably smarter. Who said bacon couldn’t have a positive impact on your brain power?


Maple Smoked Bacon Skin Cream

One day I will return to being surprised about what bacon is being paired with next. For instance: bacon skin cream? Why not! In this case, it turns out that the bacon part of it isn’t actual bacon, it is just bacon scent. But even that is a bit crazy. Why would you want to have your face smell like bacon? Do you really want your dog to lick your face while you are asleep?


Ron Swanson Painting

Well, this is not officially about bacon. But if you are a fan of the show Parks and Recreation, then you know the character of Ron Swanson: a bacon-loving, government-hating, red blooded male. He is a hero to all of us bacon lovers out there – a model for the way we should live our lives. This Etsy artist has thoughtfully painted a picture of him which we can buy and hang on our wall. And stare at, while we eat bacon.


Real Bacon Pendant

Some people may say they love bacon, but it takes a real bacon lover to actually hang a piece of bacon around their neck as a piece of jewellery. This piece is not just a picture of bacon set in bronze – it’s an actual piece of bacon that has encased in resin. The only question is: why didn’t someone think of this before?


Bacon Soap

Ever since we helped those kickstarter bacon soap people realize their dream of making bacon soap, I’ve seen bacon spread across the Internet with zest. Although this one is not made with actual bacon (unfortunately), it will leave you smelling like our most favourite meat in the world.