It was the summer solstice a few days ago, so we’ve officially (finally!) entered the dog days of summer. So my question to you is: why are you looking at this computer screen? You should be out whooping it up somewhere fun and hot and full of bacon. But before you go, check out our favourite bacon links of the week. It’ll get you into the proper mood to enjoy a great summer weekend.

Ron Swanson’s Bacon and Eggs Ice Cream

Ron Swanson, the bacon-loving character from Parks and Rec, is quickly becoming the Internet’s favourite bacon mascot. Here, someone has taken one of Ron’s lines from an episode (“Give me all of your bacon and eggs”) and turned it into a Ben and Jerry’s flavour. We are very, very disappointed that this doesn’t actually exist in real life. Like, very disappointed. Very.


A Narwhal with Bacon

I’m surprised the guys over at Reddit aren’t all over this (considering how much they love narwhals and bacon). But first: the way this artwork came into being was that it was the result of a suggestion-commission blog. People make drawing requests from the creator of the site, and the creator makes the drawings according to their specification. Hence, when one person asked for “Narwhale, with bacon, and waffles, and carrots, and ceiling cat, and ninja turtles, and darkwing duck,” unfortunately all we got was this picture. Although, to be honest, I think it’s still pretty awesome.


Press Button Receive Bacon Gif

Oh look! Someone has decided to turn one of our favourite Internet jokes into a gif. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look here to see the original joke about the images on a hand dryer. And the gif can be found here. Awww! Cute, isn’t it? What will the Internet think of next?



Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Bacon

Sure, it’s an easy and pretty simple recipe. But sometimes it’s a good idea to return to the basics. “What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today?” gives us a recipe for pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. We have also listed off the best recipes desserts with bacon.


The Bacon Bike


It came to our attention (via The Daily Bacon) that a Boise Idaho restaurant named Bacon is trying out an innovative form of transport. If you order a delivery meal from Bacon, your food will be delivered on the Bacon Bike. No word yet on whether or not the bike will have any bacony attributes aside from its name. But already that’s good enough for me!


The Elvis Banana Split

When we did our best bacon desserts round-up, this one seems to have slipped our notice. It’s for an ice cream banana split that features bacon and peanut butter. As any bacon fan should know, Elvis loved sandwiches that had peanut butter, banana and bacon. And although he’s up no longer around to verify, I’m sure he would have loved this ice cream confection even more so.