Are you all watching Parks and Recreation? No? Well, if you aren’t, you probably should. I think it’s probably one of the funniest shows on television. And one of my favourite characters is Ron Swanson: he’s the gruff boss who hates everything about his job and about local government. Pretty sure Ron would love the Best Burger Recipes I created a few days ago.

What he does love is the more manly pursuits in life: watching classic war movies, drinking Scotch, and most relevant to our interests – eating bacon. In fact, his love of bacon has started to turn him into a bit of a bacon celebrity. After the jump, I’ll show you some of the ways in which his Internet bacon fame is spreading.

Ron Swanson Wants All of the Bacon

First off, if you haven’t seen the show, Ron loves bacon! Which automatically makes us love Ron Swanson. Here is a little sneak peak into how Ron operates. This is Ron waging his very subtle and silent war on Vegan Bacon:

YouTube Preview Image

Ron Swanson is definitely a friend of all true bacon lovers. This is why it’s understandable that he’s become an unofficial bacon mascot on the Internet.


Ron Swanson’s Bacon Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s is famous for their tongue-in-cheek ice cream flavours and names. Someone on the Internet has decided to play on their wacky flavours by creating this Photoshop of an imaginary Ron Swanson “All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have” flavour. There’s no evidence that Ben & Jerry’s is planning to actually create the flavour. But considering that this image is spreading through the Internet like wildfire, I can see Ben & Jerry’s announcing this flavour in the near future. If you can’t wait, we made the Best Bacon & Eggs Ice Cream Recipe. Does that make us more awesome than an ice cream shop? I think so!


Ron Swanson Portraits

One of the ways that Ron Swanson is getting his bacon on in the blogosphere is in the form of custom artworks that feature Ron’s glowering face and some bacon added to it. The first one is a painting by Ross Maute, and features Ron with his eyes replaced with eggs and bacon replacing his mustache. I think Ron himself would really like this painting. Something in its bleak simplicity really captures his interest in manliness.

The second one is a picture of Ron Swanson based on the famous Shepard Fairey “OBEY” posters. Ron does have a fairly stern face, so it makes sense that he could stand in for a Big Brother-type image. And I really do want to eat all of the bacon in the world, so I agree with the sentiment, as well. Optimiss created this inspirational masterpiece.

The third one is a little rougher. But it does feature copious amounts of bacon, and I’m sure Ron Swanson would be totally okay with that. Kitten of Doom is the creator, I think this is what the art world calls an oil painting.


Cats Who Look Like Ron Swanson Who Like Bacon

Then, there’s this. Yes, it is cat that looks like Ron Swanson saying, “I ate the bacon already. I could smell it in your purse before I even parked my car. And now it’s gone and I hate everything.” Sometimes the Internet confuses even me.

Main Image Source = NBC/Mitchell Haaseth