We’re well into the swing of summer, and the heat just keeps pumping up, doesn’t it? The air conditioning broke down in the Republic of Bacon a few days ago, and I thought I’d have to strip down to my bathing suit. But I realized that cooking bacon in a frying pan with just a bathing suit on could lead to burny grease splatter, and I decided to just tough it out. Bacon always wins out over physical comfort. But without any further ado, here’s our favourite bacon links for the week:

Grandma Beats Grandson for Stealing All the Bacon

WHEN WILL IT END? WHEN WILL THE NIGHTMARISH ATTACKS OF CITIZEN AGAINST CITIZEN IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS BACON, END? I know we all love bacon. And I know that we all have a sincere desire to see it apportioned out to as many people as possible. But, for the love of God, if you catch your 9 year-old grandson eating more than his fair share of bacon, DO NOT SIT ON HIM AND SPRAY A HOSE IN HIS FACE. You’d think this was common knowledge by now.


Taste of Orange Blossom (Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Prawns)

Jaime, from her baezablog, reports on her appreciation of this delicious-sounding meal. It’s basically three prawns skewered onto a stick, covered in bacon and coated with BBQ sauce. The jalapeno pepper is sliced thinly and is squeezed between the bacon and the prawn. I will just say that after reading this, my socks have been thoroughly knocked off and are currently residing on the other side of the room. BBQ this weekend, anyone?


Honey-Mustard Glazed Chicken

Peachkins suggests this recipe of bacon-wrapped goodness. Once cooked, they sorta resemble something that looks like it gets served to you at a late-night Chinese restaurant. In other words, I’m filled with eating envy, and demand that my servants prepare this dish forthwith. (Unfortunately, I have no servants.)


Bacon Wrapped-Avocado, Two Ways

The Paleo dudes keep cranking out the bacon-tastic recipes. Here’s one that gives you two options to create bacon-wrapped avocado. One is more au natural (with a dash of olive oil) and one has cheese included in it. Either way, I think those Paleo guys might be my new heroes. Should we start handing out trophies?


Bacon Guacamole

If you have some leftover bacon and avocados, you could also try to make this guac. Just like regular guacamole, but with more bacon, and therefore more psychic-inducing powers! (Note: bacon will not actually induce psychic powers. It’s just something I wish.)


The Great Canadian Bacon Festival

I didn’t have time to warn you guys, but the First Annual Great Canadian Bacon Festival happened a week ago in Arva, Ontario, at the Arva Flour Mill. The festival is not as large as the ones that our friends in the States hold, but according to one visitor, the “turnout was huge.” Visitors got to eat all the regular bacony products, form bacon skewers to chocolate bacon and bacon coffee. I wish I’d known in time! Fortunately, considering the great turn-out, I’m sure they’ll do it next year.

Do you know any worthy websites that deserve to be in our Bacon Love Friday Series?