Summer is melting our faces off, and it’s driving us all huddle by our air conditioners. If you are TV fanatic like me, summer also means that you are probably already a little bored with all of the summer reruns. The one good thing about summer TV is that it also means that I can spend time obsessing about Big Brother.

I know, I know: Big Brother? Who watches that? Well, smart, interesting people like myself do. And if you were watching it this summer, you’ll know that bacon lovers have a reason to love current contestant, Adam Koch. Adam Koch may look like a normal, everyday music inventory manager and metalhead, but he’s also a bacon fanatic who loves showing off his bacon love. After the break, I’ll give you the fellow details on our newest and most favourite Big Brother houseguest, probably, ever.


Meet Adam Koch, Bacon Lover

For those of you whose eyes glazed over when I mentioned Big Brother and have no idea what I’m talking about, Big Brother is reality game show. Contestants live in a house for upwards of two months (depending on how good they are at the game), creating and breaking alliances. It’s sort of a more relaxed and comfortable version of Survivor. This season of Big Brother features some old members of the cast coming back to try to win it big, and some newbies.


One of these newbies is Adam Koch. Adam lives in Hoboken, New Jersey, and spends all of his free time going to metal concerts. But what makes him worthy of our attention is that he loves bacon. As he says in his introduction to his fellow houseguests, “I’m Adam, I’m metalhead, I love bacon.”



Adam Koch’s Bacon T-Shirt Collection

Adam is not a quiet bacon lover, either. He’s being showing off his love affair with bacon by wearing t-shirts around the house. You can see a picture of him wearing the bacon t-shirt “Bacon Makes Everything Better” here. Skulls and Bacon say they’ve also spotted him wearing a “B is for Bacon, and that’s good enough for me!” t-shirt. I’m keeping my eyes glued to the Big Brother feeds to spot any of his other bacon t-shirts. This is clearly a love affair that’s been going on for awhile: a few blogs have been posting a photo of Adam wearing a bacon t-shirt with a bacon beard (or just eating bacon?) and holding a tray of cooked bacon. You can see that picture here. (As Skulls and Bacon point out, you can buy many of those t-shirts from SnorgTees.)


Bacon In the Morning and Bacon in the Evening

Adam is also fond of eating bacon. For a long time, he used to eat a “bacon egg and cheese in the morning on a bagel, bacon burger for lunch” and a “bacon chicken wrap for dinner.” He’s created many different bacon-related snacks, like bacon peanut brittle, bacon donuts, bacon ice cream and bacon Bloody Marys. And he’s cooking bacon for his fellow houseguests. With all of these great bacony reasons to love him, I’ve decided to make Koch an honourary member of the Republic of Bacon.


Are you watching Big Brother this season? Are you supporting your fellow bacon lover, Adam Koch?