We’ve entered the dog days of summer. If you haven’t escaped to the cottage recently, I think you should think about doing it: it’s only going to get hotter, and we all need a break from the city or suburbs. But while we’ve all been frying like bacon on the sidewalk, I’ve been hustling to find the best bacon-related news under this excruciatingly hot sun.

Follow me after the break to find out why the Europeans will soon have tastier bacon, and find out where knowledgeable baconistas go to get their bacon wallpaper. Enjoy!


Europeans Will Soon Have Tastier Bacon

I don’t know how many readers we have in Europe. There is the language barrier for many of the people in those countries over there, and who knows if some of the countries even have bacon (I know, shocker!). But for those who do, I have some good news for you: European bacon is getting more flavourful. EU regulators will soon institute a law regulating the water content of bacon. Apparently some producers add water to make more money. The EU is going to change the laws so that if you add more than 5% water, you have to call it the very unappetizing “Bacon with Water Added.” I’m not positive, but I don’t think many of the bacon producers will go that route. Congratulations, our European brothers!


Fettucine with Bacon and Creamy Spinach Sauce

This dish is made from the ingenious combination of bacon, pasta and some leftover spinach dip. We are big fans of on-the-fly thinking and random experimentation here at the Republic of Bacon, as well as basically dumping one meal on top of another out of sheer laziness. Isn’t this how the Cobb salad was basically invented?


Bacon Wallpaper

Do you find work unendurable lately? Are you tired of the picture of cats holding balloons that is your current wallpaper background? (I’m assuming that’s your background, of course.) Then you should probably download this pic, stat. It’s a high res photo of some bacon for your computer’s desktop background. You’re welcome. Note: we are not responsible for the inevitable drool stains you will leave on your keyboard.


Bacon and Egg Pie

This article in Wikipedia appeared on the site just last week: Bacon and Egg Pie. It looks like a quiche/meat tart combo that’s been stuffed with eggs and bacon. It is also, if the entry is correct, apparently pretty big in New Zealand. Its sudden appearance has made me suspect that some obsessed pie boosters may be behind it – as long as they squeeze bacon in some how, I am officially prohibited from complaining.


Bacon Air Freshener

With all of this heat, my car is starting to smell a bit – and no, it’s not my bag full of unwashed gym clothes that is doing it. Consequently, I’ve been on the market for an air freshener to hang from my mirror, so I might consider this one. The only thing that could be a problem is that I might spend all of my time while I’m driving thinking that a piece of bacon is flying at my face.