year in the last three weeks of summer, people line up to ride rides, play games and stroll through various exhibitions. And, of course, they also eat a lot of crazy food. Last year, visitors to the Ex got to try out the latest in deep fried butter technology.

This year, we hear that bacon will finally make its appearance as the star of the midway: the Ex is advertising that this year, vendors will be selling a Krispy Kreme and bacon cheeseburger. Yes, that’s right. Culinary evolution has brought about the doughnut/hamburger hybrid. Follow us after the break for the full details of this breaking story.


Luther Vandross Isn’t Just Famous for His Music

The burgers, as this article from the Star points out, are pretty simple. You start with a regular, glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut that has been sliced in half: these halves are the two buns of your burger. From there you put a regular ground beef patty on top of it, as well as some cheese and bacon. It’s all finished off with a fried egg. Think of it as a new cross between breakfast and lunch – a sort of newfangled, eat-with-your-hands brunch.


Krispy Kreme burgers aren’t new. This article shows that they were popping up at baseball diamonds in St Louis back in 2006. Some people think it might be the creation of Luther Vandross, or at least, that’s what Wikipedia tells me. This creation is sometimes called the “Luther burger” in his honour. We haven’t been able to contact Luther to see if he’s fully onboard with being “honoured” with a doughnut burger.


Luther Burgers: the Quality Choice at Your Local State Fair

But they had a low profile back in those early days. Since then, they have been spreading their glazed tendrils across America, particularly the Southern U.S. states. The creators of the Ex’s Krispy Kreme burger said they were inspired by its success at State Fairs in the US’s south. The burgers were also a big hit at the Calgary Stampede. It’s a no brainer that the organizers of the Ex would want to try them out here. And judging from the success of the deep-fried butter last year, it’s likely that these Luther Burgers will do really well this year.


But Do They Taste any Good?

The spokesman for the burger is understandably positive about it. Justin Davis says, “I’ve tried all the burgers we offer and . . . this is something in a league of its own.” Since it’s not actually out yet – the Ex opens on Aug 19th – we’ll have to take his word for it right now. I can only go by my own knowledge that generally bacon and sweet things definitely do go together. But I’m probably going to be lining up on August 19th for my first taste of a glazed doughnut burger. Pray for me! And I’ll definitely let you know what it tastes like.


What do you think of the Ex’s doughnut burger?