Pizza. It makes you think of Italy, fat opera singers ironing things while singing – perhaps a few gondolas. Or maybe you think of the hard-bitten streets of New York or Chicago, and eating slices of pizza while hunched over little round tables. Or maybe, like me, it makes you think of bacon. I was actually trying to find the best bacon wrapped scallops recipe, but decided I’d settle for some pizza.

I think we can agree that bacon and pizza go together like hockey and hot wings. So I think it’s about time we ran down the top bacon and pizza recipes . Click the link to take a bite of all this bacony za.


1. Pita Pizzas With Sauteed Apples and Bacon

What? Apples and bacon? Who is allowing such deliciousness on my watch? I forbid it! At least, until they send some my way. Click through to the link to see pics of one mouth-watering thing melting on top of another joyously gooey thing in an oh-so-tempting way.


2. Pizza with Bacon, Onions and Cream

I’m not really a fancy guy. After all, I like things that begin with “ba” and end with “con.” But sometimes being fancy is about being mathematically precise in your deliciousness. With only a few ingredients – pizza dough, sour cream, ricotta, bacon and onions – this recipe is a surgical pizza pie of awesomeness.


3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

I’ve told you about my drinking problem, right? My ranch dressing drinking problem? You see, I can’t keep ranch dressing at home cause I might just drink a few swigs of it every once and awhile if I’m feeling hungry. And as an inappropriate topping? Sign me up! That’s why my friends should probably keep me away from this recipe at all costs.


4. Chicken-n-Bacon Pizza Rolls

I’m not even fully aware of what could be in these things. I only know that the website offering up this recipe shows these insane pictures of puffs exploding into a mess of cheese and bacon. As I want to die in a cheese and bacon explosion, you can see my attraction.


5. Fig, Bacon and Goat Cheese Pizza

Anyone can throw some onions and hot peppers onto a pizza and call it a day. But we strive for a higher standard here at the Republic of Bacon. That’s why I’m introducing y’all to this pizza-flavoured ode to the fig. If any fruit needs to be tossed hither and thither over beds of goat cheese and bacon, it is the fig. I truly do give a fig about them!


6. Sweet Bacon and Pear Pizza

Before we drown ourselves in cheesy, melty fig juice, check out this other bacon/fruit amazingness hybrid. I believe that some feta, pecans, brown sugar and half a tub of cream cheese also find their way into the recipe. But don’t take my word for it – Better Homes and Gardens knows where it’s at.


7. Bacon Pizza Puffs

For our last bacon pizza recipe, I present to you bacon pizza puffs! Yes, they aren’t even really pizza, or even rolled up pizzas. When you are trying to wrap your head around them, imagine that they are sort of like savoury muffins that have come down with a bad case of pizza. Oh, and that they are delicious. They also look like they are easy enough to bake that even a fool could do it. Which is good for me, cause my baking skillz make fools look good.