No, this is not the description of a horror movie, or some death-defying stunt trend that is sweeping the nation (like planking). Rather, it’s just an Old Timey photo of some lady strapping on some bacon skates, and having a few spins at the local neighbourhood oversized frying pan.

You know, like regular folks did back then? You can see photographic evidence here. Of course, I’m being just a tiny bit ridiculous here: enormous frying pans weren’t a regular feature of small town life in the 1930s. This one was being used to create the World’s Largest Omelette. The bacon-skating lady was actually only there to grease up the pan; 7,200 eggs followed her after her skate. Omelettes aside, I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of using this idea as the basis for a hot skating rink. Sure, falls would probably be a lot more burny than they are now, but think about all of the leftover cooked bacon! (Smelling slightly of feet.)