I am a bit shocked my awesome readers didn’t share my Muffin Recipe over 200 times. Not a problem at all I know you all will love this super easy to make Potato Latkes recipe. I wanted to keep a mild theme of potato’s and bacon in my recipes this month. You can clearly see that with my favourite potato recipe. I really wanted to make a recipe that was picked by the readers.

I use this Potato Latkes recipe a lot. I use it as an appetizer or more of a snack before the main meal. It keeps people calm (I hate the “Is dinner almost ready?” questions), subsides some hunger and gives me enough time to prepare some of my favourite meals. Take for example my Pork Recipe or my Ultimate super Cheesey Lasagna Recipe.


6 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

2 Russet Potatoes

2 Shallots, finely diced

1 Egg, beaten

2 tbsp Flour


Vegetable Oil



1. Wash and peel potatoes.

2. Fry and chop bacon into small pieces

3. Coarsely grate potato and place in a medium bowl.

4. Add shallots, egg, flour and generous helping of pepper to grated potato

5. Make small patties with hand and/or spoon

6. Add enough oil to cover the pan and fry until golden brown – should take 3-4 minutes to fry.

7. Season with salt and serve.