Bacon comes in many shapes and sizes. And its taste doesn’t really matter if it’s in an appetizer or a big burger – it will always taste good. But some days, you just want to go big or go home. That’s why, today we’ve decided to explore all of the biggest bacon dishes out there. Now, this stuff is just for entertainment purposes.

We don’t want you to actually gorge yourself until you can’t see on this stuff. But it’s always fun to see how other people are super-sizing their bacon. Click on the link, and read our list of the biggest bacon dishes the Internet has to offer.


World’s Largest Pig-n-Blanket

This floated around buzzfeed a couple of months ago with the label, “World’s Largest Pig-In-A-Blanket?” At a measly two feet, I don’t think it can claim to be the biggest anything. However, I am impressed that one person managed to cram two feet of sausage into his oven (please, no jokes – this is a family site). And if you were planning on breaking the World’s Largest Pig-In-A-Blanket record, it appears that there is a lot of room left to make a go for it.


World’s Largest Strip of Bacon

Although I’m not sure that this fellow is getting into world record territory, he is getting to something appreciably big. Joe Disnard took a slab of bacon and cut it into a strip that never ends. While he does not provide a measurement for the final length, it looks pretty darn long. And as one commenter notes, he definitely needs to be applauded for his patience. I certainly know I couldn’t do it – I’d just be like, damn the world record, let’s make some bacon already!


World’s Largest Homemade Bacon Cheese Burger

World’s Largest Homemade bacon Cheeseburger
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Once again, this baby doesn’t look like it is actually big enough to blow away any official records, but it is definitely bigger than any bacon cheese burger I would make. And that’s the main thing, isn’t it? I mean, with this one burger these guys can feed a whole football team. How many dishes have you made recently that can even get close to boasting that?


World’s Largest Bacon Explosion

The bacon explosion is already one of the craziest bacon recipes on the Internet – it basically requires stuffing ground beef into a weave of bacon and cooking it on the BBQ. But Dave Vierra decided that he not only wanted to make a Bacon Explosion for his tailgating party, he wanted to make the World’s Largest. He did some research before he began, and discovered that there are no current records for this dish. So, while his three foot long bacon explosion may not look especially large, it does have a clear shot of claiming the title. And frankly, it is big enough for us!


Biggest BLT

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s the real deal. In St Louis recently, a restaurant broke the record for the World’s Largest BLT. Working at Tomato Fest, Iron Barley restaurant created a BLT over 224 feet long. What did it take to make this monsterous BLT? Only 550 pounds of tomatos, 440 pounds of bread and over 600 pounds of bacon. No superhuman ate this sandwich on his own: the sandwich was cut into portions and sold to raise money for a Muscular Dystrophy association. Now, this is how bacon should be enjoyed: as an epic dish that you share with all of your friends for a good cause.