It’s been over a year since I first began writing for this illustrious site, and in that time, we have covered innumerable bacon-relate topics. In fact, I can’t think of any bacon topic we’ve missed.

And in all that time, I’ve been – along with Chef Rob – your faithful chronicler of the bacon condition. It’s at milestones like this that you realize how precious life is and blah blah blah. However, what’s important is that we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about bacon and sharing an adoration for its intrinsic amazingess.


The Bacrown

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for some of us down here in the Republic of Bacon. I won’t go into details, because this site is about bacon, not about us. But I can tell you, the mood around the Republic of Bacon offices would be much improved if we had a Bacrown to wear. Made from the finest strips of bacon, and weaved into a beautiful lattice shape, the bacrown is undoubtably a headpiece good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, if not the Queen herself. I’m going home this instant to make the Bacrown a reality in my world!


Crispy Shrimp Sandwiches

I don’t even like shrimp, but this recipe is officially off the hook. It is so far off the hook, it is probably lying on the ground and rolling around and bumping into chair legs and such. Like, check out the photos of the sandwich on the blog. Doesn’t it look absurdly good? I’d have it just for those little cylinders of avocado. Sure, this is probably due to my subjective favouring of avocado (and cheese) over all foods, but yo: THEY DESERVE IT.


Four Way Bacon Cake

No, it is not some kinky love act. It’s just a cake with lots of bacon in it. I’m guessing there’s four different types? No word on what these four ways consist of – I’m guessing the true answer has been lost to the sands of time. Or the sands of the Internet. You know, whichever.


Bacon, Summer Squash and Carmelized Onion Pasta

With summer doing its victory lap, it’s probably a good idea to get as many summer-based recipes out of the way as possible. This one is apparently not the quickest recipe – it takes some time to caramelize the onions – but when you are done, the resulting dish looks very summer: fresh, colourful and exciting. Wait – what’s that you’re asking? No, those aren’t tears for the end of summer. It’s just my ragweed allergies acting up.


Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu

Any recipe that demands four protein sources has got to be good. And the protein sources for this meal are all top-notch: cheese (yep!), chicken, ham and, of course, bacon. Look at how the cheese pops out of the chicken like a happy little tongue. It’s almost thumbing its nose at us, “Ha ha, I’m delicious and you don’t get to me!” That’s true – I don’t get to eat you Just yet, my friend. But soon, but soon.