Eating bacon is pretty much a party – a party in your mouth! (Yes, I just made that joke.) But sometimes it can get a little boring – and let’s face it, a little lonely – to eat bacon alone. So, what to do? Well, the obvious, silly! You should throw a party. A bacon party!

Don’t worry, I’m not just some wacky weirdo making half-baked suggestions. Some people have already gone ahead and taken the plunge. So if you feel that you need inspiration to get those party-planning juices flowing, you’re in luck. Click that link, pardner, and let’s get plannin’ your bacon fest!

Bacon Potluck

The obvious cornerstone of any successful bacon party is the fact that the party should be a bacon-themed potluck. You want to eat bacon, your friends want to eat bacon, there are many ways to eat bacon – it would seem dumb to spend all of this time with your bacon-loving friends, talking. You must eat, Bubbeleh, eat! The trick, of course, is to make sure a wide range of foods gets brought to your party. So, get your friends to tell you which foods they plan to bring – whether it is bacon appetizers, bacon salads, bacon entrees, bacon soups, and of course bacon desserts. And you should probably tell them to bring double (you’ll want to make sure you have leftovers left over).


Bacon Cocktails

But what will you be doing while everyone brings the food? Well, you’ll be making all of the fabulous bacon cocktails, of course. This requires a knowledge of bacon-washing spirits, but that doesn’t take long to master. And once you are done learning, you can begin making your favourite bacon-flavoured cocktails. If you are looking for some great recipes, we have lists here, here and here.


Bacon Games

Any good party need some games. So why not play some bacon games? There’s plenty of bacon-oriented board and video games available on the Internet that you can play with your friends and family. But if you don’t want to splurge on something that someone’s made, you can also use your imagination. Like, why not play pin the bacon on the poster? Or, play everyone’s favourite party game – charades – but only allow bacon-themed clues. There’s really no limit as long as you get creative.


Bacon Crafts

Etsy has revealed to us that if there’s one thing crafters want to do, it is make bacon-themed crafts. So why not provide a bunch of crafting materials – like brown, red and white construction paper, markers and pens, pipe cleaners, sparkles (bacon is kinda sparkly), etc – and let your pals go crazy. After a few hours, I’m sure they’ll have created something totally awesome.


Bacon Dance Party

Every good party should eventually become a dance party. And with the literally dozens of songs out there that are about bacon and eating bacon and being obsessed with bacon, you could have your whole bacon-luvin’ crew dancing for hours. We’ve already compiled a list of our favourite bacon songs here, but new ones are popping up on YouTube all of the time. Spend an hour or two research, create a bumpin’ playlist, and have all of our friends groove to bacon tunes all night.


What will you do at your bacon-themed party?