Although Camping season is unofficially over for the year, barring those crazy people that like to camp in freezing conditions, I wanted to share with you some of my outdoorsy bacon escapades that I experienced over the summer. Cooking over the campfire is a completely different adventure than cooking in the controlled conditions of a kitchen. You’re literally cooking with fire.

A friend brought along this campfire toast griller thingy with him. I knew I had to use it… and use it with bacon. And since it was only 9:30am, I figured I’d throw some eggs in there, too. ‘Almost’ very similar to my bacon and eggs recipe. You’ve got to keep things simple when you’re cooking while camping, so a nice, hearty, fire-grilled bacon and egg sandwich (only attainable with a campfire) was on the menu.


Per sandwich:

2 slices Dempsters Bread

3 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

1 Egg

1 slice Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese


1. Heat your cast iron sandwich press slightly in the fire. Don’t get it too hot, or else the bacon will burn.

2. Lay three strips of bacon across the griddle.

3. Pop down a piece of bread and squish it down a bit. We don’t want any air pockets in there, plus we have to make room for an egg.

4. Speaking of an egg, crack one right in the middle of your bread.

5. Place a piece of your sliced cheese overtop your egg. Heck, throw two slices down if you’re up to it.

6. Top with a second piece of bread, but don’t squish it down. If you do, the egg yolk will crack and the egg will start spilling everywhere. Not. Good.

7. Wrap the ends of your bacon around the outside and up to the top of your sandwich. Your sandwich is now encased in complete deliciousness.

8. Squeeze together the griddle so that everything is nice and sealed. My pieces of bread were a little large. I had to trim the outsides with a knife (don’t worry, I saved the bacon!).

9. Throw that bad boy into the fire for about five to seven minutes, or until the bacon has gone crispy on the outside. If the bacon is crispy, the egg is probably also cooked.

10. Unhinge the griddle, slap that bad boy on a plate and chow down. I guarantee that everyone you’re camping with will want one. Eat that first one for yourself, though. You deserve it.