We here at the Republic of Bacon have our fingers on the mother-freaking pulse of the Internet, yo. And we are always looking for new bacon-shaped ripples that are coursing through its digitized bits.

That’s why we are delighted to see a new game pop up on Twitter, and it’s about replacing book titles with bacon. Since I am a secret book fan (and a not so secret bacon fan), I *love* this trending topic. Open the link, and we’ll go through some of our faves.


After reading them all, I have to say that these are the wittiest:

Bacon in the Rye. Mega-points for linking bacon with something it is often eaten with.

A Bacon to Remember. Aren’t they all kind of memorable, though?

The B.L.T. by Roald Dahl. Not really following the rules, but I like how it thinks outside the box.

Jonathan Livingston Bacon. For all of those New Age bacon lovers!

Girl with the Bacon Tattoo. Sure, bacon tattoos are popular, but will they dominate best-sellers lists as well?

So Long and Thanks for All the Bacon. The third part of the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy ends with them realizing it was all worth it, because at least they got some bacon.

Gone with the Bacon. In this version of the book, Scarlett has to return to her home of Tara before her bacon burns.

Me talk Bacon One Day. And when that day comes, what a beautiful day it will be!

Heart of Bacon or Bacon of Darkness. I can’t decide which one is better. But the “Bacon of Darkness” sounds pretty hilarious, so I might lean toward that one.

The Lovely Bacon. For this one, I think it’s best not to think too deeply about what the original novel was about.

Are You There, Bacon? It’s Me, Margaret. I talk to my bacon all of the time, so this doesn’t even seem strange to me.

Green Eggs and Bacon. Ha! And green eggs would so clearly go well with bacon.

How to Win Bacon and Influence People. This title seems to imply that winning bacon will actually help you influence people. Which maybe isn’t that far from the truth…

How Stella Got Her Bacon Back. It’s sad to hear that Stella ever lost her bacon!

The Bacon Jar. Once again, probably not a good idea to think too deeply about the original book. Look! It’s bacon! And it’s in a jar!

He’s Just Not That Into Bacon. Clearly not husband material, then.

One Hundred Years of Bacon. It is also known as: A Century of Happiness.

The Audacity of Bacon. Bacon’s awesomeness can also make it very audacious.

Much Ado About Bacon. Well, why shouldn’t we have an ado about bacon? I think it’s certainly something to get upset over!

I Have No Bacon and I Must Scream. These bacon titles are getting closer and closer to the truth, aren’t they?

Slouching Toward Bacon. Don’t slouch toward bacon – run, Forrest, run!

The Joy of Bacon. A great place to end.


Do you have any suggestions for the #replacebooktitleswithbacon hashtag. What needs to be included and hasn’t been?