Last time, we filled your brain (and hopefully, after you made the dishes, your stomach) with a wide range of bacon-wrapped foods. Today, we’ll continue the insanity – Susan Powter would be proud! – by offering up yet more bacon-wrapped things.

Oh, and they might be getting a little weirder. (Or maybe it’s just me who is getting weirder.) Anyhoo! Tally hoo! Let’s peruse twenty-five more bacon-wrapped things after the break.


This Is Where the Listmaking Begins:

1. Crabsticks – I suspect that crab fishermen put little signs on their crab nets that say, “Come in! Will wrap you in bacon!” to lure delicious crab to their delicious doom.

2. Cats – No cat eating here. Just an appreciation that cats with bacon taped to them look pretty ridiculous.

3. Twinkies – Yes, this is allowed. I checked.

4. Oysters – I heard this recipe was invented by a couple of hipsters over a case of PBR.

5. Oreos – Most six year olds would probably think that bacon-wrapped oreos are an acceptable meal. And they’d be right.

6. Prunes – Old people have been keeping the awesomeness of prunes secret from the rest of us, by generally pretending they can’t be wrapped in bacon.

7. Dates – They have also been hiding prunes. Those wily old people!

8. Lobster – Surf n’ turf, in one bite!

9. Bananas – This recipe should be called the Lil Elvis.

10. S’mores – I hated camping before I found out you could wrap s’mores in bacon.

11. Tater Tots – Our favourite 60’s side dish gets to play Twister with some bacon.

12. Macaroni and Cheese – “Hello, Lord of all that is Awesome? I need a pot of your patented bacon and macaroni and cheese, stat!”

13. Yellowtail – This might be a fish. Who needs to know when you’ve got all that bacon around it?

14. Meatloaf – Not the singer, the dish. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing the singer doused in bacon.

15. Potato Bites – Like bacon bites, but potatoier.

16. Star Wars Toys – Those kids really need to take better care of their toys.

17. Catfish – Even though they are from the water, catfish are no more dignified than regular cats when they are wrapped in bacon. Much tastier, however.

18. Corn on the Cob – One word: summer! Another word: bacon!

19. Tofu – Part of the joy of eating bacon-wrapped tofu is imagining the sort of night sweats this recipe gives vegetarians.

20. Sirloin Steaks – The thought of this is probably one of the few things that makes me cry. With joy, natch.

21. Quail – “Oh ho ho! Look at how fancy we are! Eating quail and bacon! Well, la de dah!”

22. Hipster Glasses – I was going to make a joke here, but joking about hipsters is, like, so last year.

23. Pork Roast – Sunday will never be the same after this dish. Neither will Thursday, but for entirely mysterious reasons.

24. Matzoh Balls – I know, sort of wrong, isn’t it? But also, sort of extremely right.

25. Bacon wrapped in Bacon – Cribbing from New York, New York a bit, but: If bacon’s that nice, why not wrap it up twice?