The leaves are just beginning to take on a toasted golden quality, and the quality of sunlight is changing to a slanted, deeply burnished gold. There is no question that fall is in the air, and what better way to celebrate the changing of this most glorious season that with some bacon love?

Okay, so we suggest bacon as a way to celebrate the change of EVERY season. Can you really fault us, bacon lovers? After all, in a perfect world bacon would replace flowers and chocolates as the most popular gift to celebrate every special occasion.

To celebrate what is the first proper Bacon Love Friday this lovely autumn, here are some new bacon-themed products that are just perfect for the fall!

Bacon Jam Arrives In Toronto

Bacon Jam might be the greatest revelation in condiment world since squeeze bottles of ketchup were introduced. This savoury-sweet spread has been seducing the taste buds of gourmets and gourmands alike, and has finally made it’s way to the largest Canadian city! Since Canada is a dominant force in the bacon industry, we say this is about darn time! These deliciously dreamy product will soon be available is two forms: as Skillet Original Bacon Spread at All the Best Fine Foods, and Bacon Marmelade at Loblaws. We here at the Republic of Bacon can’t wait to get out hands (and tongues) on this amazing product.

Engineer Martin Bacon Breaks Speed Record with Coffee-Powered Car

It looks like it might be time to add another name to the list of Famous People Named Bacon. Martin Bacon, a British Engineer, recently designed a car that runs entirely on coffee beans. Not only does his car function, but it broke the Guinness World Record for a car powered with organic waste! For someone who loves coffee almost as much as I love bacon, this is a great victory for all things delicious.

Maple Bacon Ale

Bacon is unquestionably a perfect food. Biting into a crispy strip is pure heaven. While I certainly don’t think that the purity of bacon can every be improved, it can, perhaps, be enhanced. By, say, combining the saltiness of bacon with something sweet. But what is you could combine bacon with something sweet and then make it alcoholic? The geniuses behind craft brewing company Rogue Brewing teamed up with artisanal bakery Voodoo Doughnuts to create a beverage that is doubtless what they have on tap in heaven: Maple Bacon Ale.