I have to say this upfront: this dish blew my mind. I knew this one would be pretty good, but I had no idea it would be THIS friggin good. The reason I wanted to develop this recipe was because I wanted a way to eat corn with corn chips. It’s corn season right now and I should have a way to eat it in any form possible, even eating corn with corn in a sense. This turned out WAY better than I ever expected. The magic comes not only from the bacon, but from a concentrated vegetable stock that I added. If you can’t find concentrated stock, substitute some vegetable paste.

Corn dips are usually made one of two ways, either creamy or fresh. I decided to do a slight mix of both. I wanted to maintain the fresh taste of the corn, but I wanted something to bind the whole mixture together. A little bit cream cheese was the answer and it took the dish to a whole new level.


6 strips Maple Leaf bacon

3 ears Fresh Corn

3 cloves Garlic

1 tbsp Concentrated Vegetable Stock

¼ cup Cream Cheese

Pepper to taste


1. Grab your corn and give it a shuckin’

2. To get all the kernels off, stand up the corn on a cutting board and run a knife down the length of the ear. Try not to make too big of a mess. Yes, I know you can buy canned corn, but, like I said, it’s corn season and this stuff is delicious right now.

3. Set the kernels aside in a bowl for now.

4. Cut up your six strips of bacon and give them a good frying in a large pan.

5. Once the bacon is almost crispy, add in three cloves of minced garlic. Continue to fry this until the garlic is quite fragrant and starting to turn golden brown.

6. Dump in the corn and your concentrated vegetable stock and mix everything nicely.

7. Toss the corn around for a few minutes to warm and soften the kernels.

8. After about five minutes, dump in your cream cheese and mix everything together. The cream cheese should melt from the residual heat from the pan, but place it back on the stove as necessary. We don’t need to cook the cream cheese, per se. Just melt it so that it coats all of the kernels.

9. Serve with corn chips…or just eat it with a spoon. It’s that good.