Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered at their majesty, their mystery, the wonderment they have inspired in humankind since time began? Have you ever thought, in that private moment of introspection, that the only thing that could make the vastness of space more beautiful would be the addition of bacon?

Hmm. Maybe that’s only us. (We do like bacon an awful lot).

But just in case you are one of the true bacon aficionados who think that everything, even outer space, can be improved with the addition of bacon, then hold on to your helmets, loyal readers. We here at The Republic of Bacon just got wind of a story of intergalactic proportions.

The remarkable folks over at J&D’s [Editors Note: They are also our friends... in the online world], the bacon wizards who brought the world such fine product like Baconnaise, are planning to launch bacon into space. They’re making space bacon.

Christened “The BASA Project,” J&D’s plans to build a space ship capable of orbit on a $500 budget and launch a payload of delicious, delicious bacon into the atmosphere. Theoretically, after encountering the mysteries that lie beyond our planet, the bacon will slip back into the welcoming embrace of our ozone layer, more epic and magical for the journey.

The resulting Space Bacon will then probably wind up on Ebay. And we will be bidding. Seriously. We’re counting on the Space Bacon to give us bacon-y super powers.

In all seriousness though, this is a project that not only furthers the noble venture of Space Bacon Science, but it is also an important step towards positive interstellar relationships. Much like the Voyager Golden Record, launching bacon into space will draw the attention of alien life to the greatest of all human cultural achievements. If we want to make peace with the aliens early, offering them bacon seems like the perfect way to convince any hyper-intelligent race that we humans have something worth trading for/not blowing up.

We wish the SpaCon 1 all manner of bacon-tastic success on its maiden voyage, and eagerly await news as the BASA Project continues to bring bacon into the future.